flowers and cutting the grass int he garden

Project 366 2016 week 24 trying

Week 24 and it’s been an easier week for photos again.  Instead I’ve been cursing my laptop which is slow, freezing, full, and still not really working despite the clear out of photos and other various fixes I’ve tried. I’m thinking a new one is needed so that’s the job for this week.  It’s meant my posts this week have been a bit sporadic.  Here’s this week’s Project 366.

On Sunday, N and his dad spent a long time playing with N scrambling all over the OH. Usually someone gets hurt whenever things go on for too long, but it was all ok this time.  Worryingly N then went off to school and was telling people his dad was kicking him on the bottom and not stopping when he said no. Oops.  I didn’t notice any of that, but thankfully the adult he’d said it to, mentioned it to me via after school club in case it got back to teachers.  I had to speak to N and explain that he can’t embellish things that might make things sound unsafe or like he’s being hurt when he’s not and he’s playfighting. I then had to remind him about telling us or a teacher if someone had hurt him. This parenting lark isn’t always easy!

Mucking around with Dad.

On Monday, we had a PBuzz arrive for review.  It’s basically a bit like a long plastic instrument, blown like a brass instrument, with different notes on the slide. N loves it so far, and we’ve all had a go. Some people may think I’m nuts inviting loud instruments into the house with kids, but it’s great to give N ideas for instruments he may want to play in future.

opening his pbuzz

On Tuesday, it was more playing inside after school, thanks to the rain.  N still plays lots with his farm vehicles which isn’t surprising given he replicates what’s been happening on the farm.

playing with tractors and combines

On Wednesday we had a break from the rain with blue skies and some sun. On the way home, the clouds looked beautiful, like mountains so I just had to take a photo. I could have been driving through the Alps, not rural Oxfordshire.

mountainour clouds

On Thursday school let parents take their children out of school at lunchtime to watch the Women’s Tour of Britain cycling stage 2 race past.  It  was a pretty long wait for just a short whizz by, but it was really exciting, and was a great opportunity to experience a sport that’s accessible and relevant for children.  It’s great that the school allowed it, provided an earlier lunch for those going to watch it.  And we were lucky that the cyclists were coming past over the lunch hour at school and work.

women's tour cycling in Warwickshire

Friday saw more blue skies and a bit of warmth.  N spent a bit of time out in the garden with his scissors trying to trim a shrub that’s growing under the fence from next door, and chopping overgrowth next to the field.  I also managed to get him weeding. Result!

flowers and cutting the grass int he garden

On Saturday it was my first visit to Blogtacular, the creatives blogging conference.  It felt very different to the usual conferences I’ve been to and the not having name badges was just a bit strange and annoying. But I met some lovely bloggers, met a couple of people I talk to online and read their blogs, and caught up with previous friends. Being out from 6.45am to 8pm was a bit tiring though.

blogtacular 2016
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