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Project 366 2016 week 46 – leaves and more

This week’s Project 366 is the first time I’m missing a day this year.  With the dreary mornings and it being dark on leaving work, it does make it harder to find something to photograph.  And it’s really boring photographing N doing his homework every day!

This week saw N loving reading and writing, and doing a lot of work off his own back. On Monday he was going over his phonics again from his reception year.

choosing to do homework

On Tuesday, I came out of work and with all the traffic decided to try and use the shutter function on my phone.  For no tripod and just experimenting I was quite pleased.  I think I’ll need to go out somewhere and try some more similar photos with my good camera – maybe a motorway bridge!

long shutter speed car lights

On Wednesday, I caught N and his dad watching something on the tablet.  N just looks so happy that his dad’s taking a specific interest in something he enjoys.

dad and son moments

N has been flying with his reading this week, so he’s managed to complete another reward sticker line.  So this week he was trying to do as much as possible to gain more stickers. On Thursday he did his morning routine properly for the first time in ages…cleaning teeth, putting pyjamas under his pillow, making his bed and putting away all his teddies.  They usually sit on his bed but not this week! All the books on his bedside table were replaced with his soft toys.

teddy bear storage

On Friday it was tennis again. N’s best friend isn’t doing tennis club anymore, but has started going at school, so they still get to play together a bit.  It’s nice that N has a club that he does on his own though..well, with another friend/neighbour.  After not really hitting a ball last week, this week was much better with them doing forehand and backhand cross court target practice. It’s amazing how quickly they grasp the concepts, even though they might not be able to connect accurately every time.  Tennis was my main sport at school, but apart from playing down the road at home and playing swingball, I don’t recall playing until I was nearer 9 or 10.

tennis forehand

On Saturday it was a glorious crisp autumn day.  When we arrived at swimming the frosty leaves were all swept into 2 big clumps. Of course that meant having a walk in them.

walking in frosty leaves

What’ve you been up to this week?

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  1. how wonderful that N wants to do his homework – i hope it continues, as it makes it so much easier. I love walking though leaves too – the bigger the file the better! i am with you on the daily photo taking and must admit sometimes i have to use two from the same day! x

  2. Piles of leaves are designed to be walked in, it is the only reason they exist.
    Laughed at his pile of teddies all tucked into his table, well done N!!
    Glad he is enjoying the tennis still.
    Have to say lack of inspiration on taking the photos is the reason I have toyed with jacking in the project.

    1. He’s enjoying stacking his teddies in different places this week. Interesting how his mind works.

      Its certainly so much harder in winter to take photos. I definitely struggle

    1. It’s taken a while, but looking good now. Although this weekend not a lot of reading has happened for the first time in ages. Oops Back to it tomorrow

    1. Unfortunately the tidying hasn’t continued. It’s a bit of a hard slog getting them to realise what they get out needs to get put away again!

  3. My H plays tennis too and like you I didn’t play until I was older. He’ll be better than me I think because he has done so many lessons, but he’s not a natural (nor was I).Sometimes it’s nice to do something different to your best friend.

  4. I am really struggling with taking photos as well!

    Well done on his reading!

    I remember playing tennis at secondary school and not before.

  5. It is so hard to take photos this time of year…
    Lovely photos! That’s a fab one of your boy and his dad. So happy and natural.
    I love that last photo. The frost on the autumn leaves. Of course you have to walk through them. hehehe

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