School Days – dance festival and Advent

Bizarrely, the nearer we get to the end of term, there’s less going on at School. That’s despite all the nativity play rehearsal – or because of. So there’s less homework coming back, less funny comments and information from N. I’m wondering what he gets up to. Hopefully the break over Christmas will mean he’s a bit more forthcoming afterwards.

Dance festival

When I first mentioned the primary school dance festival, N wasn’t impressed. But it came round to the day and he had changed his mind. The year 1s and 2s went to the catchment secondary school so do a couple of hours of dancing.

I think they did lots of different styles taught by different teachers, but all I got out of him was a display of grapevines left and ride, with some turns and clapping, and a pose. It wasn’t bad. I love how schools manage to get the children to join in. He was really pleased that his best friend won a trophy for his dancing.

They really do get to do a lot of partnership schools activities compared with when we were there and only really did a bit of singing and area sports.

Having said that, N’s highlight of the day was the coach breaking down and them having to wait for a new one to come.


This week maths was all about money. N was happy enough working out his sums and the totals.

On literacy he was meant to create a character that tricked the gingerbread man, and describe the character and how he tricked him. Designed a character wasn’t a problem – firstly we had a 6 legged wolf, but the next day that had changed to a bird-man. And this is where we came unstuck. N was convinced that only the fox in the real story could trick the gingerbread man, and no amount of me reading the homework task would change his mind.


Advent service

This week was the school’s advent/Christmas service. I had a flexi day so was able to go along, although I couldn’t really see N doing his class’ performance because the Year 1s were behind the reception kids…and the one in front of N is really tall (and enthusiastic).

The children do have a lot to learn at this time of year. Not only was it a class poem, but learning for the nativity play – all the songs, and now each of the shepherds has been given a line to say. Then of course there’s the carols and other songs. Because N isn’t quick enough to read songs so he’ll have to learn them off by heart. Maybe by Class 4 he’ll have managed that.


On Friday I sent N off to school – he had a cough but it was only a cold. But from lunch time he was really quiet and not his usual self. It turned out he had a bit of a headache, so I did feel bad. But then he’s spent most of the weekend out on the farm with his dad so he can’t be that ill.

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