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Project 52 2019 week 52 – Christmas week

We’re on to the final week project 52 for 2019. And it’s been obviously a Christmas week. For us Christmas isn’t that different to a weekend, in that the animals still need to be fed so the men are all out working. But they do take some time out just focusing on the job’s morning and afternoon that have to be done.

Where is this week’s final round up of 2019.

On Sunday we didn’t do much except have a lazy day at home. In fact most of this week has been very lazy with a lot of screen time over Christmas films for me and on the laptop or iPad for N.

On Monday we decided to get out of the house and pop down to the tennis courts for a quick hit around. Poor N doesn’t really get much in the way of decent hitting when he plays with me so when the new New Year comes around for joining a tennis club I really need to get playing and get along to rusty rackets. I need to get a bit fitter first though. An hour of coaching will absolutely kill me. We also had online food delivery. I only keep my delivery saver so that I can get a decent slot at Christmas and they did a pretty good job of not having any dodgy substitutions.

Tuesday was Christmas Eve and another fairly lazy day. We had to go to the local village shop three times in 2 days which was a bit embarrassing. But talking online to a couple of people it seems that this is fairly normal around this time of year.

In the evening we went out for her Christmas Eve big family meal at a nearby pub. The last time I’ve been in that pub was for anniversary meal about 12 or 13 years ago which wasn’t great. Thankfully this meal was much better and the service was very good as well. By the time we got back it was too late for N to write a letter to Father Christmas and he didn’t even remember to put out some carrots, milk and a treat for Father Christmas as he went straight off to bed when we got in.

Christmas day was Wednesday and I got an early wake up thanks to the OH coming in early after breakfast and his usual work time, so that N could open his stocking. 6.20am probably isn’t early for many parents with young children but I’m sure it would have been around 7 if the other half haven’t been working.

The other half came back in from work around and 9:30 we just sat around and opened all of the presents we had before my brother came over and we opened his. I had a really lovely black cross body handbag from the other half and N denied all knowledge of it it when the other half suggested that he was the one that shows it.

We spent the rest of Christmas day at mine brother-in-law’s family with his in laws. It was a really lovely day with a lot of board games as the Xbox has now gone up to the nephews room. In the evening the other sister-in-law and her family came over along with my in-laws so it was all the family together for tea tea and more games. Just my kind of Christmas with family, food and games.

After a couple of late nights N slept in a bit on Boxing day til about 7. I’ve actually turned off my alarm this holiday so have been waiting at about 8 which has been bliss. Another day of not much going on except Nathaniel trying to sort out his new laptop and and doing a lot of reading and watching Christmas movies.

On Friday we got out for the first time I’m as we needed to head into town for some bread red and food for the weekend. We also took in N’s Xbox because the controller hasn’t been working. They offered as a whole new Xbox replacement but we didn’t want to have to re-download everything and set it up properly again so we just got a new controller replacement so he is all happy again and playing back on Farming Simulator.

It’s actually working out quite well because while he’s spent a lot of time I’m on screens he’s actually been reading every morning before he goes on them. Not for long but is teacher set them holiday homework to read a full book over the two week period. N thought that would be quite hard but he he got given a book from the school Father Christmas visit which is really got into and has worked out that reading 21 pages a day will get him the book finished by the end of the holidays. So he’s religiously doing that each morning which is so much more reading that he would usually do.

On Saturday it was was a shoot on the farm. This one is traditionally quite a big one because lots of people bring their kids along to help doing the beating. N was in his element as usual, and they were out right up until much later than several of the earlier shoots in the year. My brother-in-law and nephew number 3 got called out off the shoot to go and rescue 400 sheep who’d got out from a field up the road, evidently thanks to a dog walker not shutting the gate. Not helpful given the field is quite close to the main road. It didn’t take them long thankfully and they all ended up going to the pub as usual for food.

I had a lovely day meeting around the shops, doing some returns, having a coffee and grabbing a nice lunch before coming back and do some reading and preparing to do my tax return next week.

It’s been a nice relaxing week and there’s another still to go before school and work start back again. I need to plan for some things to do next week because we really have to do something other than just sit around at home for a second week.

golden nutcracker tree decoration

I hope all my readers had a lovely Christmas and time off over the holiday period and all the best for the New Year.

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  1. Happy Christmas! Sounds like a busy week. Sometimes I think everyone needs a relax. It is hard to get back into the routine xx

  2. Happy Christmas! Sounds exactly like our week on the run up to the big day. Sometimes I think everyone needs a relax. We have also had the alarm clock off and I am not looking forward to getting back into the routine. Hope you figured out some fun things to do the last week

  3. stupid dog walker, if you don’t know the country code don’t walk in the country, causes a hassle to you and a possible danger to road users.
    Good luck with rusty tennis. 10 mins would be too long for me.
    Sounds like you had a fabulous Christmas day with lots of family and fun.

  4. Yay, the comment box is back! Looks like you had a lovely week and lovely Christmas day, with family and board games. Well done to N for reading every morning.
    And those people leaving the gates open are real b……s.
    Wishing you a happy new year!

  5. It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas.
    Well done N with the reading. I’ve said to my girls they have to do all their chores before they go on electronics.

  6. Glad the family meal on Christmas Eve went well. How lovely that N is reading every morning before screen time. Shame about the sheep getting out. I’d never dream of leaving a gate open and I wouldn’t walk my dog through a field with sheep in either. Hope you have a happy new year.

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