Wasgij destiny 3 sands of time puzzle solution image

Wasgij Destiny 3 – The sands of time puzzle solution

I’ve been flying through the wasgij puzzles this autumn and winter, with the latest being probably the hardest of their puzzles I’ve completed. This one was the Wasgij Destiny Sands of Time jigsaw.

The destiny range of Wasgij puzzles show a box image of a past era. The solution you need to work out is what the same location might look like now. I enjoy this range more than some of the others as it’s fun to see how time has changed.

Sands of Time is set at in a seaside town, with swimmers, sunbathers, families, friends who are walking, picnicking and visiting the town.

There’s lots going on in this puzzle but a lot of the pieces look similar – all the people and items on the beach anyway.

I worked through methodically but it took a lot longer than these puzzles usually do. There were fewer different colours or obvious areas to split out into groups of pieces. That meant working with more options for trying individual pieces at each point, rather than being sure on the different areas. 

With it being so much harder than more recent ones I’ve finished, means that completing it is more satisfying in the end.

If you want to see the Wasgij Destiny Sands of Time solution you can find the image below and my video shows it in more detail.

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You can buy Sands of Time* and other Wasgij puzzles online or at high street stores like WHSmith and Hobbycraft. You might also be lucky and find them at charity shops.

Wasgij destiny 3 sands of time puzzle solution image

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