Project 52 2022 week 25

This week’s been an up and down one. I’ve tried to get back to my healthier keto diet, but the hot weather has meant my plan to get back to stepping hasn’t really happened. But here’s our week 25 of Project 52.

Sunday was a chance to catch up on everything we didn’t do while at the football tournament on Saturday. We went to the farm shop, then needed to get photos printed out for N’s leaver’s memory board for school. We were too early for 10am opening at Tesco, so took a break in the cafe. It then took 30 minutes to upload 32 photos to the machines. Bluetooth is a rubbish option compared with the way Boots do it via cable. N was not impressed. But now all he needs to do is decorate and stick on his board.

On Monday it was back to being a hot day again. Busy with work and school. And despite n’s getting his cycling proficiency, the OH still won’t let him cycle to school. Sigh. N had his private tennis lesson in the evening. 

Tuesday I had a horrendous headache and felt quite sick with it. N’s just started getting what seems to be hayfever this year – runny nose, so I’ve bought him some nasal spray that seems to help. He didn’t use it before going to school though, so I had a call from the office asking me to bring it in for him. 

He had a morning of first aid for the year 6s which he really enjoyed. I didn’t even know he knew Stayin’ Alive, he was doing well remembering the ABC and how to help someone who’s choking.

I took a couple of hours off sick to try and sleep off my headache. I didn’t really sleep but by the time the lunchtime menopause talk from Positive Pause was happening, it had eased enough to watch that, then go to my meetings in the afternoon. My sleep score is way down in the 70s on my Fitbit, when it’s usually 84-87, so I know I’ve been struggling. I think it’s down to having eaten too many carbs and sugar, so I’m hoping today’s headache was coming off sugar and my sleep will start improving again.

On Wednesday thankfully my headache was pretty much gone. I also slept in to a more normal 6.30 which was good after a few weeks of waking hours earlier. It was a busy working day.  Rusty rackets in the evening was very hot. Lots of backhands for me (the joys of playing right handers), although my serves need a lot of work and practice before starting to use them! Not sure I’ll get that in the next 3 remaining weeks.

Thursday was just a normal work and school day. N had his interview for takeover day – when the older children get to be the staff for the day. He’s got quite a bit of competition, including some year 5s. Bit of a sore point because last year due to Covid restrictions, they didn’t get to do takeover day, and there’s not enough roles for all of the year 6s to have a position. So he’s a bit incensed that Year 5s are also getting the opportunity. I think he’ll be quite gutted if he doesn’t get the role, and there’s not an alternative option. I did suggest some questions to prep for pre-interview, but I don’t know if he did think of any good answers before going in.

On Friday it was N’s last primary school sports day. His team was low on number again, but they all worked hard and tried as normal. It was  a lovely afternoon, eating cake, supporting the children and cheering on the teams. N’s year group has a lot of really sporty boys, so N didn’t stand much of a chance in the running. His skipping was disappointing as his technique was really smooth, it was just too slow. His egg and spoon race, he went off really fast and was in second place for most of it. Then one drop put paid to a podium finish. His team of 8 did come second in the relay.

I had an email from N’s secondary school asking me to complete and return the forms they’d sent out. I posted them back within a week of receiving them, so now I need to wait for them to send out more, fill them in again and return them. What’s the betting they take too long, and N’s gone on his residential before I get the chance to get him to sign them. Why they can’t just provide online forms I don’t know.

We decided on fish and chips for tea. I ordered over the phone as normal, our usual order. When I went to pick up I didn’t notice that they’d charged me less. Got home to find they’d not done the OH’s fish, just N’s mini fish and my halloumi. N heard me order all 3, but no wonder the girl didn’t recognise me on the phone as she obviously didn’t heard me say 1 cod first. I’m surprised she didn’t ask me to check, and they didn’t mentioned the items when they were putting the order together at collection. So the OH had to cook himself whatever was available fast, so he had random bacon with his chips. Even more unhealthy than the fish and chips.

Saturday was a busy one for me. I went into town to pick up the remaining items for N’s uniform (minus the tie as we’re still waiting to find out his house), some replacement sunglasses for mine which are cracked, and a couple of other bits. Then went for N’s haircut. It wasn’t particularly relaxing but hopefully will have a quieter Sunday.

This week’s project 52 photo is my chive blossom vinegar that’s now ready to use.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your headache. I hate getting photos printed at the booths, something always goes wrong. Oh dear to the fish incident, glad hubby could rustle something up though.

  2. Glad your headache went by the next day. That seems a little unfair that year 5’s are also getting the opportunity to do takeover day when year 6’s missed out last year. Good luck and hope he gets the role he wanted. Well done on sports day too. #project365

  3. The chive blossom vinegar looks good. Sorry to hear that you were feeling unwell. We had sports day too, Eliza couldn’t do a couple of her races as she was the only Yr6 girl in her house – she would have been happy to race the boys

    1. It is ridiculous. Most of the girls are perfectly capable and of racing if not beating at least some of the boys. It would mean they can all race. But it’s fairer for the houses that can’t win anything in those houses due to them not having a representative in the girls races

  4. Oh never heard of chive blossom vinegar!

    What a mess up on the school forms. Hope they arrive in time. Hope N gets a role in the takeover day

  5. What a beautiful colour of the vinegar! I’ve had bouts of hay fever too, especially after working in the garden. Had to rinse nose with the salt water and put eye drops afterwards, they were so itchy.
    What a hassle with the school forms. I think ours were done online last year. Sorry your DH didn’t get the fish you ordered.
    Fingers crossed, N gets to enjoy the position he’s applying for.

  6. It has been so hot this past week and I have been suffering terribly way hayfever. I feel for N. Sorry you have been feeling unwell. I hope some proper sleep helps.
    I hope N gets a part in takeover day. It sounds like fun and sports day too.
    Ugh! You would think that the school forms would be all online. What a faff and such a shame about you OH’s fish being missing. I always get them to repeat the order back to me because something not turning up causes big disappointment.
    I love the sound of the vinegar.

    1. I definitely should have been on the ball with the chippy order. I was distracted because the other guy there was talking, but the girl taking the order always recognises me and knows our order, so I’m amazed she didn’t ask to check.

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