wasgij original 9 home improvement solution

Wasgij Original 9 Home Improvements solution

Another week another Wasgij puzzle, this one a second hand Wasgij Original 9 Home Improvements puzzle.

wasgij original 9 home improvement solution

One of the Wasigj original range you have to find the solution by linking what one of the characters on the box image is seeing. In this case, there’s people looking at what’s going on during DIY, so you can imagine the chaos that could be going on opposite what they’re seeing.

Like all Wasgij puzzles, there’s fun and comedy moment to see in the image.

I found this Wasgij Original 9 puzzle was one of the easier puzzles, despite it being a older one. Usually I find the old puzzles harder than the newer one. It only took me 2 sessions to complete.

If you’re starting out doing Wasgij puzzles and are confused, you can find the solution by scrolling down. But as an alternative why not find out my step by step method of doing Wasgij (and any other) puzzles without using an image to follow.

If you’re short on flat space to do large puzzles on, I recommend a Portapuzzle to keep all your pieces safe and puzzle flat. You can buy Wasgij puzzles from Amazon or other online or high street puzzle shops.

wasgij original 9 home improvements

Let me know how you get on with doing this puzzle or any others.

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