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My experience of Daylong support tights and socks

However good a pregnancy you have or how glowing you are, it’s rarely flattering and can provide some uncomfortable situations.  I class myself as lucky as I had an easy and uneventful pregnancy, but many aren’t as lucky.

Years previously I’d had an unexplained DVT in my leg, it meant I was at increased risk of another DVT so had to inject fragmin daily.  I had no complications but having ended up with a csection so had the joy of wearing delightful ‘teds’ compression socks afterwards until I got home and was able to change to normal flight compression socks that I had.  I still find if I’m not mobile enough, or if I’m standing for too long I can get puffy ankles, so sometimes it can be helpful to wear compression socks even if I’m not flying (not that I usually do as they’re not the most comfortable to wear day in day out).

I’ve since heard about Daylong compression products and was sent a pair of their support socks  to try out (I’m not really a dress person and it’s a bit hot for tights at the moment anyway).   Obviously this coincided with a heat wave, so I’ve not had the chance to wear them during the day, but I wear them at night as my left ankle does have a tendency to get puffy by the end of the day.

I had the Solidea Relax unisex support socks in black.  They’re quite thick, so almost like socks rather than pop socks, with an anti-stress sole which feels lovely as you walk on them.  I did find the foot length quite long but the calf size fits perfectly without digging in.  Being unisex I also find they’re nice and long right up to the knee – none of that half mast feeling round your calves.  I find that when I wake up my puffiness has gone.  I can’t wait to try them out in the day time once the weather’s a bit cooler again to see how my legs fare during the day.

Solidea relax compression socks
Available in nero or camel, size S (2-4), M (4.5-6.5), L (7-9), XL (9.5-11), XXL (11.5-13.5)

As well as the normal compression socks and tights, Daylong also have a range of products suitable for pregnancy.  These provide graduated support and room to expand as a bump grows, and can prevent and relieve leg problems you can find are heightened during pregnancy.  If you find you have heavy, aching legs, then these tights could be for you.

The website provides a clear guide on what level of support is right for you (pregnant women shouldn’t have more than medium support), with tights, or socks if you’re more of a trouser girl.  Usually when you think about compression stockings, you think unflattering, old fashioned and frumpy, but these products aim to be fashionable as well as functional.


Disclosure: I received a pair of support socks to try out.  All opinions are my own.

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