3 week meal plan for family meals

3 week meal plan and keto options (week 7-9)

Lockdown is continuing and this week has been the first where I’ve got a bit ‘meh’ about cooking again. The OH moaned one day (which I knew he would), but given I’m the one cooking it’s my choice, unless he makes a request. He never does. 

I need to order another produce box this week, and some meat from the butcher too.  My freezer was defrosting quite nicely as we emptied it out quite well, but now there’s spare bread back in there, it’s getting fuller again.

We’ve had meat back from the slaughterhouse this week, so we’ve got plenty of beef to eat on the farm. I’m just short of pork, gammon, bacon and sausages, hence the butchers order. 

We’re back rotating recipes now – I’ve seen some really nice ones I want to try, but I don’t think the OH will eat them. So it’s hard to find new things.

3 week meal plan for family meals

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My keto diet has gone to pots for nearly 2 weeks. There are too many nice foods in the house and I’ve been a bit piggy. So I need to get back to it.  I’ve included where I’ve made keto options – with the best success being a keto sausage roll.  I’ll add the recipe in another post – I’m a bit behind with adding all the recipes I wanted to.

Our meal plan for the last 3 weeks

Week 1-3 plan
Week 4-6 plan

Week 7 meal plan

Sunday – roast chicken, cauliflower cheese, roast potatoes and veg

Monday – salmon with butter and lemon cooked in foil.  I had leftover chicken stir fry as I’m not a salmon fan.

Tuesday – Burgers with homemade rolls, potato wedges and salad.

Wednesday – macaroni cheese with bacon and veg, garlic bread

Thursday – Beef burritos

Friday – pizza, chips and salad.  Keto pizza

Saturday – Chicken in mustard and honey sauce

Week 8 family meals

Sunday – gammon roast

Monday – cold ham, jacket potatoes, salad

Tuesday – toad in the hole, mash, beans / peas

Wednesday – Chicken shawarma

Thursday – Tuna pasta bake

Friday – salmon with pesto. Chicken stir fry alternative for me

Saturday – homemade sausage plait, wedges, beans. Keto sausage roll with fat head dough, celeriac chips, peas

homemade sausage plait
Sausage plait

Week 9 meals

Sunday – Roast chicken, cauliflower cheese, roast potatoes and veg

Monday – leftover chicken and leek pie

Tuesday – cottage pie

Wednesday – turkey meatballs with pasta

Thursday – bacon, egg and chips

Friday – chicken fajitas

Saturday – salmon en croute, new potatoes and veg. My alternative – leftover cottage pie

turkey meatballs and courgetti
Turkey meatballs with courgetti

Hopefully I can find some new recipes rather than having to repeat too many.  I want to also use my slow cooker more, as well as doing more summery recipes. I love salads, but I need to have more substantial items for the OH.

If you have any family favourites not already on my meal plans, please do let me know.

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