Peter Rabbit

Toddler thief

I appear to have a toddler thief.  Mortifyingly, he’s removed Peter Rabbit from nursery.

N’s comforters are his Peter Rabbit, bought for him at birth by his Granny, and his taggy blanket I made him.  It’s Peter Rabbit causing the issues.

Nursery have the same Peter Rabbit toy.  He doesn’t take his own to nursery any more since he moved to the room he’s in now.  In the baby room when they slept in cots and he first started, I thought it would make it easier for him to settle having something from home.  He would probably have been fine, but we’ve created a Peter Rabbit monster.

They settle down after lunch on mats for their nap, and N will find the room’s Peter Rabbit, wherever it is and sleep with it.  Then later on, I’ll sometimes see him with it when I go and pick him up.  He’s usually quite happy to leave his in the car (presumably because he knows there’s the same one at nursery!).

But the other day, they said it had gone missing and then was found in the baby room, likely finding its way there after it was washed.  Thought nothing of it.  Then Thursday morning I found 2 Peter Rabbits next to him on the sofa.  Oops.

Seems like he’d stashed the nursery one in his bag without me noticing.

We returned it today…in future I’ll have to make sure we have no stowaways with him.  I’ll also have to start checking his trouser pockets before washing, as today a mini hair clip (presumably also from nursery) fell out of his pocket.  The OH reckoned there was a similar one over at the farm as well, so he’s trailing his treasures behind him.

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