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Hold That Thought Milton! Book Buddy read

I love receiving picture books from Parragon books as they always seem to brighten your day when you open the envelope.  The latest read for us was Hold That Thought Milton! By Linda Ravin Lodding.

hold that thought milton

The name Milton reminds me of sterilising tablets, but the book was anything but clinical.  It’s quite an emotional book, and as with so many other picture books, it almost seems to have a message to the parents rather than the child.

Milton is a boy who doesn’t really get a chance to say what he wants to his family as they’re always busy.  Hence the ‘Hold that Thought’ title.  When his frog is lost in the run up to a family wedding, he really tries to tell people that the frog is lost, but never gets the chance.  In the end there’s a messy and hysterical ending…N giggled away to himself at the end.  He really enjoyed it, as would any toddler with the typical love of anything a bit disgusting.

He also liked trying to spot the frog, although he was more likely to point out other characters in the book and ask who they were.

I found it a little weepy (I’m not sure why I’m getting so emotional in my old age).  This poor child not being listened to by anyone.  The message is quite strong to the reader, suggesting what horrors could behalf should you not listen to your child.  I’m quite relieved I do listen to what N’s saying, even when I can’t quite understand him.

Hold That Thought Milton! is available now from Amazon.


Disclosure: We received a copy of the book through the Parragon Books book buddy scheme for the purpose of review.  All opinions are our own.

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  1. It’s different for a picture book to have themes that relate to the adult rather than the child. Looks like a good book! x

    1. It’s one of those subcontext messages I suppose. Or maybe it’s just me feeling sorry for Milton?! Definitely a fun book without being too pious in the message

    1. lol. It definitely appeals to any child who likes a bit of disgusting mess in books. N thought it was really funny. Might have been the amusing illustrations as well!

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