Hygge - slippers and blanket

Project 365 2017 week 3 sunrises and hygge

Week 3 and it’s been a big one. It’s been a birthday week for N. Along with about 20 million other people we know it seems, as there’s been parties galore, presents flying around and chocolates being handed out at school.

On Sunday we didn’t do much. The weather wasn’t great and N didn’t want to do much, so I vegetated keeping warm under my cosy blanket.

Hygge - slippers and blanket

Monday was school, and once back home, N wanted a hot chocolate with squirty cream. He’s loving those at the moment. Me less so, now I’m back on my diet. I got this cheesy, gappy grin. Although the gap is filling up fast with all 3 teeth showing, and one already halfway out.

gappy smile

On Tuesday it was just a working day. But I’ve been enjoying the sunrises over the fields and hedges.

sunrise over the hedge

On Wednesday I nipped into town to get a couple of bits and pieces. The Works rewarded me with these books. Perfect for enabling me to answer some of the questions N has been asking me that I can’t remember (or never knew).  Geography I can remember a lot of having done it for my degree, but history I have no idea other than the world wars. He was asking about the pub at Edge Hill being a castle before, so we talked about the English Civil War and the battle there, but other than that my memory is hazy.

geography and history swot up books

On Thursday someone was in my bed when I got back from dancing. I wasn’t impressed. But it seems a couple of days later he’s coming down with a cold (and now given it to me) which would explain why he’s not staying in his own bed.

On Friday, it was tennis club again. N was happier in the rejigged class this week, and he hit most shots this week. Although his serving throwing practice was a little dubious. This week was under arm serves, it’ll be interesting next week watching over arm attempts!

ready position in tennis

Saturday was N’s birthday. It was a quiet day because his ‘party’ is next week and he didn’t really want to do anything, plus he had another party to go to.  I managed to slice my thumb (worse than the one I did last week – sigh) with my new favourite knife. Note to self, be a lot more careful when chopping peppers.

chopping vegetables issue
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  1. I have to dive into books – or the internet – to help my two with a range of homework, particularly worrying when it is something I studied at GCSE! He does look snug in your bed – I miss those moments x

    1. I have that too – about GCSE and A level things. I also thing lesson memory is like chinese whispers – the longer you go without using that knowledge you learnt, the further away from what you learnt you remember. So the facts kind of come out wrong! Maybe that’s just me. I’m getting tot he stage where I need to not make things up like I used to when asked questions I didn’t know.

    1. For me it’s so strange that others don’t get sunsets. Even in town we see them from the office being quite high up – although only out of one side of the building!

  2. Your cosy day looks lush. I hope your boy is feeling better and you gave managed to reclaim your bed! 🙂 #project365

    1. Yes, he only seems to come in now when he’s ill, so at least it’s not a permanent thing. The only thing with that is that I and the OH now have his cold – but much worse than his was.

  3. Happy Birthday N! Hope he had a wonderful day 🙂 Love the gappy smile, my 7yo is all gaps at the moment! Gorgeous sunrise. I’m not allowed to use the really sharp knives 😉

  4. That blanket does look cosy. History was my degree so I feel on fairly firm ground with that and I did geography A level. I do feel a bit hazy on science apart from biology though.

  5. happy birthday N, hope he enjoys his party next week, ive got a lot of childrens books on many subjects that i still refer to even though the kids have left home,

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