magnolia tree blossom

Project 365 2015 week 16

The lovely weather has continued into this week, and it really does make an impact on my photography.  It’s noticeable because I get lots more outdoor photos thanks to generally getting outside after work and nursery, and just pottering at home.  Even if we’re doing chores on weekends, I still seem to manage getting slightly more interesting photo possibilities for Project 365.  We’re into week 16 now, and I’m now on the look out for fabulous flowers and plants – I do need to research a macro lens – most of them come out a lot better on my phone than my Panasonic csc.

Here’s this week’s photos:

A week ago I received a Hobbycraft voucher from an online Easter competition I’d entered.  I didn’t remember specifically entering it, but it turns out it was a random draw from those signed up to a newsletter.  So we headed over to our nearest Hobbycraft to see what was available to buy.  N loves these board with holes in – he can’t resist standing behind them.  I think he makes quite a cute lion.

Mr lion cut out

I’ve been watching the blossom and magnolia coming into bloom in the villages I commute through, and wanted to get a snap of some.  So I took my good camera into work on Monday, so I could stop on the way home and take some photos.  All I can say is the workman on the phone in the van parked on the other side of the road must have thought I was a bit strange.  But I was pleased with the photos I got, despite the magnolia being a bit manky once I was up close.

magnolia tree blossom

Tuesday my brother popped over after doing some metal detecting in our fields.  It’s nice having him a few minutes drive away, and at the moment we’re seeing quite a lot of him…until the fields all have crops in and he’ll have to find somewhere else to metal detect! N loves having him around, and was doing a bit of wall walking.  His uncle was a little wary of N doing this, although I assured him he’s been doing it regularly for a while and hasn’t yet fallen off.

wall walking

We love berries in this house and we’re pleased we’ve just about got into British strawberry season.  I’d bought some from our nearest village shop, where they sell local produce, and these strawberries were delicious.  So much more so than the British ones in the supermarkets.  I found N had opened them and was helping himself.  I think I’m going to have to get a lock for the fridge otherwise I’m never going to get to the strawberries before he does.

strawberry lover

I’m currently working on a few breakfast things for a post I’m planning, and I thought I’d try some overnight oats.  I love porridge, and I’ve got a few jars that are perfect for this type of thing, so I’d checked out some recipes and made this one which I took to work on Thursday….it was a little bit of a fail so I’m not sure I’ll be trying that combination again.  Thanks to some discussions with mytwomums on twitter, I’ve since tried it with berries and it seems that’s more the way forward with me.

overnight oats failure

My work’s down a small side street off the main road through town, and right by a traffic light junction.  It gets pretty busy but over the Easter holidays it had obviously been slightly quieter at school drop off time (we have a prep school down our work road – the parents really have no idea about parking or opening car doors onto the road!) which was bliss.  It usually takes a bit of time to be let out of the end of the road on the way home, but the last few weeks have seen the traffic lights broken.  The traffic has been brilliant, free flowing, no queues in any direction.

Now the schools are back, the road people have obviously decided that they can’t fix the lights so they’ll put in temporary ones.  But that means one way only goes, rather than both directions at the same time going on the main road.  Hence Friday morning I sat in the kind of traffic that our town gets when there’s a crash on the M40.  It was madness.  I do wonder why these people don’t check out the traffic flow when lights are down because it worked much better than it does without the traffic lights!

traffic jam

Saturday was a strange day. Lots of things to tick off my list – N’s swimming lesson, opticians appointment, and then off to Windsor to sort out some stuff of my Nan’s.  N stayed with his dad for the afternoon, but once I’d come back he was determined to stay outside.  Especially after spotting one of his cousins who’d come to cut the grass.  Of course N wanted to help and have a ride, so on he got for a bit of a drive around the garden.

riding on the lawnmover

So a mix of flowers, family and food for this week’s project 365, and onto week 17 next week.

You can see what everyone else has been doing over at The Boy and Me.

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    1. No worries, I’m impressed you’re still commenting at all/blogging while you’re away. Hope you’re enjoying being back in the UK.

  1. I love love love fresh strawberries but sadly it is another food that has added itself to my list of cant eat as take a reaction to them…..really annoying.
    It is great to be getting out and about, this is when 365 becomes much easier.
    He makes a very cute lion and I have taken to fridge porridge lately, it is yummy.

  2. You can’t beat British strawberries. Our grandson loves them too.
    Magnolia does seem to be in it’s element this year. Our neighbours tree has been spectacular.

    1. Yes, I think magnolias have been noticeable this year, although just the blossom in general has been spectacular. Lovely sight to see

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