pink fireweed flowers at the side of the road

Project 52 2020 week 27 – flowers on verges

Another week gone, and it’s week 27 of the year and week 15 of (kind of) lockdown. Everything is easing with the 4th of July called Super Saturday, as pubs, restaurants, holidays and indoors tourist places opening. We’ve still not been anywhere, although it’s good to know we can. Hearing what measures the local pub has in place are just enough to put me off. Although I have so many appointments I need to make that we’ve missed or are due coming up – N’s eye test, smear test, MOT/car service, hair appointment and hopefully N’s tonsils referral.

Onto this week’s round up.

Sunday was a lazy day as usual. We played some games, I tried to make rhubarb fudge this time dehydrating the rhubarb – it was a fail because it was too dry. Shame, but I think I’ll give up on that idea! I’ll stick with flavours I know that work.

On Monday it was back to work for me, but N’s sore throat was back. He did a bit of work, but was really tired in the afternoon.

Tuesday N’s tonsils were up again with white spots. Another call to the doctor and he’s back on antibiotics again. Sigh. That’s been every 3 weeks in lockdown, so I’m really hoping it doesn’t continue right til schools being back. I found N napping in his living room den as he was really wiped out.

On Wednesday he still felt rough. So I was at the kitchen table alone while he had a lot of screen time! We did get out the Gravitrax in the evening to do a mega build. I was meant to have had a slot at National Trust’s Upton House, but couldn’t go because N was too ill to go out on the farm with his dad. That’s the 2nd one I’ve not managed to get to.

Thursday N was much better although still a bit low on energy. He did some work in the morning, then was well enough to go to his puppy training lesson. Granny took him – it’s on a farm the other side of the village and it went well I think. Unfortunately they didn’t take any photos or videos. Evidently our puppy had a great time when she met the trainer’s 3 dogs, including another puppy. N is hoping to get back for a group session next time, once they’re back on again.

On Friday, it was just work, trying to get N to get back into school work again. This week has been all about dens – indoor ones. There’s always cushions, blankets and random pieces of furniture moved around.

Group tennis coaching starts again next week, so his name’s down, and we’ve also requested his private lessons again. Unfortunately because they’re just doing a summer programme on 2 days, we can’t do it at our club courts round the corner like normal, we have to do day times and at the private prep school courts across the other side of town. N can only do the 3 weeks I’m on leave over the summer which is frustrating with it being day time. But it’s better than nothing. We’ll have to get down to the club ourselves and play inbetween. I’m presuming his county coaching will start again in September as everything has been pushed back since March. But as it’ll be indoors in Autumn, and there’s 3 groups of 8 being coached at the same time, I suppose there’ll need to be some changes to that, potentially using the outdoor courts for longer if the rain holds.

Saturday was a much better day for N. He was pretty much back to normal, and now it’s more of a cold. We didn’t do much, although N decided he wanted to move his room around again. He had out the measure and was checking what could fit where. Then I had to help move it all. Turns out, the new layout would mean he could build a better den!

This week’s photo was taken after I went to pick up N’s prescription. I had to stop in a gateway to walk back to take some photos of these flowers in the verges. There’s so many around the villages here, and they look great. I looked it up on a plant finder app and it told me it was Fireweed. Looks pretty even if it is a weed.

pink fireweed flowers at the side of the road

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  1. It is a weed but it is my mums favourite! Love the idea of rhubarb fudge, rhubarb is a firm favourite of mine, hope you figure out how to make it work. Sorry N is feeling poorly again, it must be so frustrating for him and that it keeps coming back with little you can do about it at the moment.

    1. I think I need to buy dried rhubarb, or up the chocolate if using it pureed. The dried stuff is soooo expensive though, for an experiment.

  2. Nice that the pubs and restaurants are open but true, not all the places can guarantee safety an social distancing. Don’t give up o the rhubard. Learn what else you could’ve done with it. Awww poor N. Good to know he’s feeling better. The fireweed looks pretty

  3. I love seeing the flowers on verges, our council has planted lots of meadow flowers so it looks really pretty. Sorry to hear N is struggling again, this must be a case for him to have his tonsils removed now?

  4. Poor N, those tonsils are really causing him a lot of bother. It sounds like your dog is doing a great job socializing at puppy training. They are pretty weeds, I love the name though. Great news you can start scheduling all your appointments.

  5. Fireweed is a medicinal plant, and also could be brewed as tea. I read somewhere that it was very popular as a drink, before the arrival of tea in Europe. There are lots of it in Cornwall, it’s growing by the roads.
    Sorry to hear about N’s health problems, he’s not lucky with his tonsils. It must be so frustrating for him that it keeps coming back. Hope he was feeling better this week.

  6. Poor N, he seems to be having constant hassle with his tonsils. Do they not take them out any more? What purpose do tonsils actually serve?! The fireweed looks lovely – a great splash of colour. Glad the tennis can start up again, even if it’s more complicated. Den-making sounds fun too ! 🙂

    1. Yes they do take them out but it’s usually for sleep issues, or you have to have had tonsillitis a lot in a year, or several times over multiple years. A lot of people have had to fight and argue a long time to have them out.

  7. I would never have guessed that was a weed! The Fireweed looks stunning, what a gorgeous colour! Sorry to hear N wasn’t feeling great again – fingers crossed the tonsil review can get sorted soon! He really has suffered through all of this! 🙁
    Hope he is feeling better this week and you have had a good week! Sim x

  8. Oh no re the flare up again! But glad he was feeling better towards the end of the week. Must be so annoying that it keeps coming back!

    Love those flowers, so pretty!

  9. I do think a lot of weeds are pretty. Poor N being ill again with tonsillitis, shame they do not believe in removing them I was 12 before i got mine removed it is horrible. Hugs. The puppy training sounds fun x

  10. Poor N, sorry to hear that the tonsillitis has flared up again. Glad that he was feeling better by the end of the week and fingers crossed you get a referral soon. Good news that group tennis coaching is starting up again. Love the flowers in the verges – they are very pretty even if they are weeds. #project366

  11. a lot of weeds are very pretty. Oh dear at poor N being ill again with the same thing, shame they do not believe in removing them as they use to quite routinely in my mine were young, 2 or the 3 I have birth to were done.
    Puppy training sounds fun, and an extra talent N will have.

  12. Sorry to hear N has been ill again. It must be so hard on him – and you, no doubt! It’s good that he can get back to tennis soon, even if it’s not quite as convenient as it used to be. My son is going out of his mind that the stadium isn’t open for training.

  13. I guess I should add appointments to my list of things to do. The only one I’ve been contacted about to rearrange is the boiler service – I guess I need to get on the phone.
    I thought the pub sounded like too much faff for me to be bothered.
    Poor N – hope he’s better soon.

  14. I think it’s stupid for the govornment to call today Super Saturday. We certainly won’t be rushing out anywhere.
    Oh no! Poor N. It seems he has been tortured with his throat recently. I am glad he’s feeling better but it can’t be any fun for him to have it coming back again and again.
    What pretty flowers. x

    1. He seems to be suffering worse each time too, especially with tiredness this time for longer. Yes, Super Saturday should be reserved for things like sports, not encouraging everyone to go out. Although not many on my social media seem to be actually going to any of the indoor places yet anyway. So not sure how busy they’ll actually be. Tbh, our local pub’s rules wouldn’t make it fun or relaxing, so I’m glad we’re not planning on going anywhere.

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