trees and overlooking the sheep from the playing fields

Project 52 2023 week 40

I’m struggling to get photos. I just take so few nowadays, very different to years ago when I used to do Project 365 and took loads of photos every day. It makes a difference when children are older, and now weekends aren’t spent going out all over the place like we used to pre-Covid, and pre-football. Here’s my week 40 for Project 52.

Sunday it felt like I needed another day to sleep and relax. We had to nip into town for a couple of things, then spent some time doing a new puzzle. I had chance to read my book, then we had tea at the farm for a family birthday celebration.

On Monday it was back to work and school. Work was busy as expected as we’re approaching report publication season. Then it was a quick dentist check up for N. They’re so busy we had to book 8 months out for him instead of 6, and then added the 6 months after that to make sure we got an after work slot.

Tuesday was busy again with work. I had a hygienist appointment – I hate them, but if it means fewer check ups and better gum and tooth health I think it’s worth it. N wanted to make pancakes “because there’s a leftover lemon”. So he made those for pudding.

On Wednesday there was a further bus saga. I had to ring Stagecoach again to chase my refund from 2 weeks ago. That was sorted, and what a surprise (not) the man I spoke to confirmed that the 28 day pass is still able to be forwarded on to others. So what I’d been told by customer services in response to my query and moan, was a total lie. I’m just going to have to continue buying it on N’s phone rather than mine and sending it to him. A right faff. 

Winter football training indoors started today at a local school sports hall. He seemed to enjoy it.

Thursday it was a day of slides and report creation checking and amending. A nice job, although lots of back and forth. N came home from school a bit shell shocked having been spotted by a staff member while sticking a finger up at a friend. We’ll see what happens in due course. Boys!

On Friday, my Tesco driver was again only just within the slot. It’s usually around halfway through so now it’s a bit frustrating and rushed just before starting work. Nothing heard back from school so hopefully it’s forgotten about. Tennis was back to being fully floodlit again.

Saturday I did a quick trip into town for the bakery, then back for N’s football match. It’s strange being the last ones to play on a Saturday, when last year we were playing at 9.30. It always feels really empty. Our team played a good first half, dominating possession. But the second half the other team got back into the game and it ended a draw. Once the other team had scored there was quite a bit of verbal abuse towards ours, and at the end one boy was spat on in the face. Their coach also shouted at the ref, who is very strict and specific about what is and isn’t allowed. Let’s hope we can get the goals scoring better in the next match.

trees and overlooking the sheep from the playing fields

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  1. And the bus ticket saga continues, you must be really fed up with it, I would be. I’ve been struggling with photos a day for ages and have even less now to photograph since we lost Bob.

  2. I struggle with a photo everyday, need to get back into it and just realised I have forgotten again today. If I order a home delivery it always seems to be at the end of the slot too, not sure why. We have dentist next week #eek

  3. I do take less photos now too…I take a lot of the toddler but don’t want to always share those on social media and the blog. So annoying re Stagecoach!

  4. I find I don’t take quite so many photos these days either although I do usually manage one each day just for my gratitude photo if nothing else. I hate hygienist appointments too but agree they’re worth it for the dental health benefits. Sorting out N’s bus pass sounds like a nightmare. Lovely photo – it’s starting to look a little more autumnal now. #project365

  5. I definitely take less photos of my girls now that they are older. It does make it harder for Project 365.
    It sounds like a busy week and what a farce with Stagecoach!
    What a shock for N to be caught sticking his finger up. I am sure the teacher has seen or heard worse. x

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