Nashville show at Oxford theatre

Project 52 2023 week 41

Week 41 of Project 52, the week started with unseasonably warm weather. I don’t think I’ve remembered a birthday so dry and warm. The week ended with quite a bit of rain and turning a lot chillier. Here’s our week.

Sunday was my birthday. N had tennis at the club, then we went into town for a bit of a celebration visit with a friend and her son. The boys went off by themselves – a first time of independence. Let’s just say I didn’t realise N was such a big spender! Let’s hope it was first time excitement. We stopped at a coffee shop first, then did a bit of shopping (not that there’s much left in our town centre nowadays), and then met back up with the boys for lunch.  We had streetfood so could all choose something different, pizza, souvlaki and chicken burgers. It was such a warm day we sat out by the canal which was lovely. It was a lovely day. And apart from putting some potatoes and veg onto roast, I didn’t have to cook.

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On Monday it was back to work and school. A fairly uneventful day apart from my weighted blanket* present arriving, the aga and boiler being serviced, and N’s bus being very late.

Tuesday was a busy work day. I did have time to head out at lunchtime to pick up a few bits. The house is much more toasty now as the aga is on. 

Another non stop day at work on Wednesday. I moan a lot about how busy it is, but really I’m a completer finisher. This is my favourite point of projects getting to the end and seeing the fruition of all the work. N’s bus was really late picking them up due to traffic in town. I’d not even known they were running late until I finally looked at my phone to find a message from him. It was football training indoors again in the evening. I love spending time ‘watching’…mainly for the social chatting to the other parents. We’re lucky that everyone in our team is nice.  

On Thursday it was a frantic rush at work trying to get stuff done before I stopped an hour early for flexi. Of course that was fully taken up with helping prep tea so N could cook it while I got ready to go. I’d hoped to head into Oxford early to be able grab something to eat, but most of the villages and towns I drove through are now down to 20mph (ridiculously for those going through main roads where there’s no need for reducing down further, and in the reduced to 50mph zone (which is usually a lovely fast straight 60), a huge queue of us all had to follow a Smart car doing under 40 the whole way. Then the park and ride bus was over 10 mins to wait (usually one arrives as the previous leaves). So only time for a hot drink/cake because the coffee shop had no savoury food left.

The show was ‘A Country Night in Nashville’ – I didn’t think I knew that much country music, but evidently I do, and it was a really good show. It was a bit concerning when everyone was dancing in the circle, and you could feel it moving. 

Friday was super busy at work but we’re pretty much set for Monday which is a relief. The weather’s been a bit up and down, so tennis was called off due to the wet forecast. I was quite pleased because I’d had a headache in the afternoon, so wanted an early night.

Spoke to my bestfriend for about 2 hours in the evening. We’ve not seen each other for quite some time due to family things, but it was so nice to properly catch up and chat.

On Saturday the football match was cancelled due to the other team having a lot with Covid. So it was training instead. An early supermarket and market trip to pick up some food, butchers, then to training. It was sunny, but so much colder than I expected. Time to dig out the hat, gloves and bigger coat. We had lunch out the needed to get some supplies for a school project from Hobbycraft. Half price puzzles in there – and managed to pick up a double Jumbo/Falcon Christmas puzzle* for the bargain price of £6.50.

Nashville show at Oxford theatre
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  1. Happy belated birthday and sounds like you had a lovely day especially with the weather being dry and warm. It is frustrating when you’re stuck behind someone driving slowly. How nice to have such a long phone catch-up with your best friend. #project365

  2. Happy belated birthday to you, hope you had a lovely day. Last week was much warmer than it is now and the heating has gone on now. I used to love it when the kids played football, it was a chance to socialise with other parents

  3. It was yesterday that i first felt a chill in the air. Hoping that I can dig out my cosy knits now. The show sounds like it was good fun, I quite enjoy some country music

  4. The start of this week was so warm, we think my youngest actually got heat stroke as she wasn’t too well on Monday night.
    Happy belated birthday. It sounds like N had fun with the shopping.
    It sounds like you are really enjoying the football training, it is nice to chat to other parents.
    It sounds like the show you went to see was great. x

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