3 homemade pizzas

Project 52 2022 week 14

We’re into the Easter holidays – well N is, I’ve still got a few days of work before having time off. It’s been a cold, very windy week, so I’m hoping the weather improves before we go away. Here’s our week 14 for Project 52.

On Sunday we had a relaxing day at home. N spent time out on the farm, I read and blogged.  I’d made brownies the day before thinking they could warm them, and have with ice cream and berries for dessert. N has been getting really hungry (more so than usual). He eats tea around 5, then doesn’t have room for pudding. But 30 mins later will want something.  Then about 7.40pm he always turns up in the kitchen looking for more food. This time he ate 5 brownies (and a pain au chocolat)! So much for them lasting the week.

Monday was back to school and work. A quiet day. N’s tennis wasn’t on so it was a relaxing evening.

On Tuesday I started to worry about fuel.  I was in the office for a team day and training. It was great to be in because so many of my previous desk buddies were in. I rarely see or speak to them now as we don’t work together. It did feel a bit busy at some points, but nearly felt like pre-Covid times. On the way home I’d planned to fill up my car. But nowhere in town had any. 

Wednesday was a busy work day with lots of calls. N had his tennis lesson in the evening. He played really well – I think if he played like that all the time he’d get more excited about playing.

On Thursday I headed into town at lunchtime in the hope of getting some diesel. But none of the petrol stations had either petrol or diesel. I debated one village but knew that’s where lots of people go when there’s no fuel in town.  So after getting home I messaged my friend about her husband’s garage. Yay, they had fuel so quickly headed to that village to fill up. £110 later! But at least that’s me sorted, hopefully it’ll get me through to at least our break destination after Easter. I’m hoping the stupid protesters will get moved on so deliveries can get back on track, and people can get fuel again.

Friday was a frustrating day. I put our kerbside food waste caddy out for the first time. Our normal recycling bin was collected, but not the food waste. I emailed them to ask for it to be collected, but being the weekend now, they’ll pick up within the next 4 working days. So it could be Thursday, and next Friday is our next collection anyway.  I’m not impressed. Hopefully because it was the first week they’ve just forgotten as it’s a new service and they were weeks later delivering our caddies. But this is why I gave up putting food waste out when it was in wheely bins, because they never collected it.  So my caddy needs to stay out all week, where it’s visible, and any car or farm vehicle might knock it over, or end up blown all over the place. Usually I’d keep it up by the house.

It was the first open morning at school since Covid started. All outdoors in the playground, but we got to see our child’s work. And they did their egg roll competition.

It was also target assembly. I think N’s been missed out, because last half term he’d just missed getting his silver because he’d missed 5 days of school and objectives while off with Covid. But we totted them up last week when I realised he hadn’t got a letter home, so he should have had it today. I’ve asked them to check, because he’s always got that certificate by this time each year, and everyone else in his class seems to have done either last time or this time.

Saturday was a quiet one as usual. After our usual early Saturday town trip, I spent some time planning potential places to visit and activities for our break after Easter. N has already started his packing! Otherwise a bit of reading, N popped out on the farm a couple of times, and I felt like I did a lot of cooking, or prep for cooking!

N’s ‘you can get vaccinated’ letter arrived. We’ve got a bit of time to decide because he still needs to wait another 6 weeks until he can have it after having Covid. Before he was eligible, we were all ready for him to have it, but since they made the decision, he’s had covid and I think there’s more to think about. It’ll all come down to his decision in the end I think. We’re all vaccinated in the family – all ages, he’s the youngest and final one.

This week’s photos is the homemade pizzas we made before cooking – well the left ones are made by N for him and the OH (they like lots of leftovers!), the little one is my fathead dough one.

3 homemade pizzas

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  1. Glad you managed to get some fuel in the end. Frustrating not to have the food caddy collected especially with the longer weekend. How lovely to have an open morning at school again. We had one just before Easter but that was when I had Covid so missed out on seeing Sophie’s work. We’re in a similar position with deciding on the Covid vaccine for Sophie. #project365

  2. WE keep running out of petrol and diesel, it’s a nightmare and due to protesters. I know their aim is to create havoc, but they really don’t think about the staff that have to deal with it

    1. Nightmare, thankfully our supermarkets seemed to be back to pretty much normal over the bank holidays. Here in Wales there seems to be nothing out of the ordinary happening. So weird how it just seemed to be the south being impacted. I suppose because the protesters are all in the area as the nearest impact to London.

  3. I am hoping the weather improves too. It really is rubbish for the Easter holidays.
    It sounds like N is going through a growth spurt, eating so much but to be honest my two are always eating.
    That is rubbish about the lack of fuel. I’m glad you got some eventually.
    Those pizzas look so good. x

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