canal boats and the light cinema complex

Project 52 2023 week 22

We’re into June, nearly halfway through the year already. The weather’s still been great, with a couple of slightly chillier days, and a bit of overnight rain one day. But it’s been nice to enjoy some sun without it being too hot. It’s also been lovely to have the week off for half term.

Here’s our week 22 of Project 52 for the year.

Sunday was a quiet day. Another warm one. It started with junior club tennis in the morning. It was nice to see some more concentrated tennis when there’s only a small group of them. We bought N some new footballs, and wandered through the food festival in town.  We were there an hour after the start but it was still dead, although photos shared later on showed it bustling.

Bank holiday Monday was quiet. We stopped for a cold drink down by the canal before N had his opticians appointment. They’ve now moved him to 2 yearly check ups so that’s good. We had a bbq and invited my brother over for it, so it was nice to all get together properly for a meal. The food was really tasty too.

On Tuesday, it had turned much chillier than it has been. N was out on the farm all day as I had my eye appointment. I knew my near vision has got a little worse as I find things are more blurry without my reading glasses, but not so much that I have to change my glasses for a while. They also did a new fancy scan to see behind the retina – I got to see it as well, and it was really interesting seeing the optic nerve moving. Most important was that the druzens that they’re keeping an eye on are still tiny (and smaller than they expected) which is a relief.  Hopefully I can hold them off getting any worse.

Wednesday it was cold, damp and grey. It even rained overnight which I’d not expected. N was out on the farm. I was expecting our broadband to come today to put in our fibre but they were really delayed and turned up as I was cooking tea. He explained what they’ll actually do, and then we rebooked for Friday. 

All my parcels turned up, backlog with the bank holiday for Evri hence the failure to deliver yesterday. So that’s N’s next size up school uniform bought. I just have to hope he doesn’t jump a size over the summer. Just new shoes to get in August.

On Thursday the house was empty again. I’d cancelled my Tesco delivery because I didn’t need that much, and instead went to Morrisons to pick up what I needed. It made me feel very young compared with all the other shoppers!  I picked up my blog tracking for May, and was pleased that removing my AMP from this blog (basically stripped back fast mobile) is moving my new Google Analytics nearer the outgoing version. Phew. 

Friday the fibre people turned up 45 minutes earlier than planned, so I was literally about to get in the shower. Eek. Luckily I had time to get dressed and brush my hair before opening the door to them. So we now have fibre to the premises.  Apart from the pain of the tv not wanting to connect, and taking 40 minutes to work out why and how to fix it, it’s all good. Now we just need to get them to sort out the farm as they’ve been struggling without any internet, and seemingly they wouldn’t put them above us even though mine wasn’t urgent.

My day felt a bit unproductive, in fact my whole week off has as I’ve not been anywhere other than into town. I have managed to change my blog theme and front page, sort out (hopefully fixed) my Google Analytics 4 issues, written 4 dance blog posts, and progressed some on my lists blog too. Hopefully that’s made things a bit easier to manage over the next few weeks. I just need to think up some more topics for on this blog, as I’m not very motivated on ones I’ve got titles for or half drafted.

On Saturday it was a nip into town for us to drop off a parcel, get a couple of bits. Then a relaxing day trying to read my book. Our local outdoor bar is opening up again for the summer, so the plan is to pop in there for a bit in the evening. Although it depends whether anyone I know is going. N knows he’ll see friends there, but I then have to stand there on my tod if noone I know well enough to sit down with is there. So we’ll see if we go.

canal boats and the light cinema complex

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  1. We are waiting for our fibre to be connected. We cannot wait to ditch Virgin as its so expensive! I prefer food festivals quiet, I don’t do crowds these days

    1. Crowds are awful aren’t they. I don’t see the point when you can’t get to the stands or see anything

  2. It’s been much colder on some days than I thought it was going to be and have shivered most of the days in work. Hope your friends pop into the bar in the evenings so you have someone to have a drink with while N socialises with his friends. Good the fibre optic is up and working now.

  3. It must be so nice with the fast internet. With my studies and work, I need internet, so I understand the frustration with a slow connection.
    Your new theme looks really lovely. I like to update my blog once in a while too.

  4. Surprising the fibre people turned up early! Normally workmen are always late! Have been considering changing to fibre…may do it when my contract is up!

  5. Hi Maira Kamran Is here.. well I am new here, I am searching for fashion & food blogs.. I found yours, well i enjoy the read.. thanks for sharing & keep posting..

  6. We are back to the warmer weather today! I like it warm but not too hot.
    We had a BBQ on Monday too. Food always tastes better cooked outside.
    I have been to Morrisons a couple of times with my dad on a morning and it is all pensioners. hehehe
    Hooray for the fibre.
    I thought your blog looked different, That will be your new theme. I think I have done the Google Analytics 4 changeover. I did it a while ago and am getting data so I hope it’s done. lol

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