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Project 365 2015 week 36

This week’s been a big one. Not only for us, but also for all of those other parents with children starting school.  Yep, N is now a ‘school boy’ as he keeps telling me.  Here’s week 36 of my Project 365, a photo a day.

On Sunday, N surprised me by getting out our Uno pack.  He’s not one for playing games, but Uno seems to have got him interested.  We played several games, with him winning 3 out of the 4 (with a tiny bit of me talking him through it), but it was great to see him getting to grips with how it works.  One game, he got dealt these 7 cards all in order. Spooky.

playing UNO

On the bank holiday we didn’t have any plans, and got round to catching up with his best nursery school best friend.  They had a great time playing together, until N got stroppy at lunch because he didn’t want to sit next to his friend (or anyone else). He’s all of a sudden started doing that, getting wound up if people ‘copy’ him (ie choose what he’s choosing, even if they chose first), or follow him round (ie wanting to play with him) etc.  It’s driving me mad, but hopefully it’s just a phase.

best friends playing cars

Tuesday we spent a lovely day with N’s friend from his day nursery.  They’ll be going to different schools, but hopefully we’ll stay in touch and they’ll still be happy to have playdates together.  We headed to Stratford-upon-Avon to the MAD museum, which is the Mechanical Art & Design museum.  It’s a great little place with so many displays.  I loved this one which had one part which smoothed out the sand, and the other which wrote the message.

mechanical art and design museum display

Wednesday arrived and it was N’s first day at school.  He loves his PE bag so much, he didn’t want to leave it at school for the week.  I had to virtually wrestle it back off him to leave it on his peg!

getting ready for school

On Thursday, N was straight up in the morning, had his breakfast and go dressed in his uniform.  Then he got out paper and pens and started drawing people.  The whole family were there, although then I was instructed to draw the clothes on them.  I did ‘mine’ and the rest were left plain.  N’s drawings do make me laugh – his people are still just the head, legs, hair, face and occasionally arms.  No body.

drawing family pictures

On Friday, I came home from work to see this fabulous box of baking goodies from Home Bargains for a blogger baking challenge.  I’m a little apprehensive of the challenge, but hey, it means more cake!

Home Bargains baking set

Saturday I’d planned that we’d be going on our annual trip to a nearby country/farming show.  But the weather was looking a bit dubious, the OH was moaning about a headache, adn N wanted to go out on the farm with his dad.  I spent the morning clearing out all my book shelves, but for a break I got out my camera to take some macro photos and experiment with different backgrounds for flowers.  I’m not looking forward to the flowers in the garden fading as autumn comes – we don’t have that many, but they’re really cheery to see out of the windows.

beautiful cornflower macro

project 365

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    1. I couldn’t stop watching it. It was definitely my favourite of all the pieces. N’s settled really well, although I’m not sure going to school with his best friend is really helping him branch out and make other new friends. He’s so blase about the existence of other children!

  1. awwww off for his first day at school – i really hope he (and you) were ok and he had a good first week.
    lovely box of goodies – i have mine on the way!
    the museum sounds very interesting too x

    1. Yes thanks Jenny, all was ok for the pair of us, although there was a little communication problem on day 2 with the time of drop off. All sorted now thankfully.

      Look forward to seeing all the other bakes.

    1. Thanks Jane. I have to admit, I didn’t think the baking challenge would be quite what it is, I thought a review. But when it arrived, the letter was about a challenge. Always good to try something new I suppose, however scary!

  2. I love how the children at school all try and walk out with their PE bag at the end of their first day! He’ll soon get used to the new routines. I love the sand writing machine – great font!

    1. I think a lot of the confusion is the parents don’t really know. The whole shoe thing is really complicated knowing what shoes are where, and making sure he has the right ones at home and school.

    1. Yep, kind of gave it away here. It is exciting. Even he seems to think it’s exciting although he doesn’t seem to be making friends with any new people, just playing with the same nursery friends!

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