Bake in Black recipe book
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Baking with Bake to Black recipe book

I love cake.  It’s one of my downfalls, with chocolate, pastries, biscuits…oh just food in general.

But cake is something that the whole of our house like.  Unlike other foods which the OH will faff over and not eat if I buy them, cake will pretty much always get eaten (unless it’s ‘too dry’.  He’s fussy, just warm it up and eat it with cream, custard or ice cream to soften it!).

As I’ve written many times before, we’re also music lovers.  N and his dad are both fans of heavy rock, so when I was approached to try out the new Bake to Black recipe book from Music Room, I jumped at the chance.

Bake in Black recipe book

The book’s a fun take on baking.  Every recipe is inspired by – and quite often in the design of – rock songs and bands.  And it’s not just cakes, there’s biscuits, pastries, donuts, large and small cakes for you to bake.  It made me laugh thinking of heavy rock stars like Ozzy Osbourne baking cakes.

I picked out a few (not too scary) bakes I fancied making.  There’s quite a few on my to bake list, but the 2 I’ve already tried have both been a success with the tasters in the house.  N turned down the chance to help me bake which was quite disappointing (the farm was too much of a draw).  The recipes I tried were all straight forward enough to get children helping out.

Bake to Black baking book

One of the things that are essential in a cook book are photos for each recipe.  I hate the books where you just want to see the finished product, and can’t see it.  With Bake to Black, each cake is photographed…obviously because it helps make the link to the songs.  Each cake also has a pun name – I found I was trying to guess the exact song title from the cake name, but I have to admit my rock song knowledge isn’t good enough for the variety of bands this recipe book covers.

van halen apple pies

The first bake I chose was the Hot for Teacher Hand Pies which are apple, maple syrup and rosemary pastries.

apple hand pies - Bake to black

I personally prefer puff pastry to shortcrust so if I was to make them again I’d use puff pastry, but they went down well warm with ice cream, and N’s also had one cold as a snack after school.

bake to black apple pies

My second creation was Baked at Birth, a white chocolate, raspberry and rosehip infused blondie.

white chocolate raspberry rosehip blondies

These were delicious, and just gooey enough in the middle for me.  Even the OH liked them, and he usually moans if they’re ‘fake’ brownies.

raspberry white chocolate and rosehip blondies

Alternatively you can buy Bake to Black from Music Room for around £14.99.


Disclosure: I was sent the Bake to Black recipe book for the purpose of review.  All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. This Bake to Black recipe book looks like a fun way to bake,I really loved the back to birth,recipe,the name’s quite funny too.Fingers crossed I may win this and inspire me to bake more often x

  2. I absolutely love the idea of this cookbook! it’s class. would be perfect for rocker who has a gentler baking side about them. have entered comp, hope i win. also looking forward to my marketing emails about bassoons!!

  3. Haha I love the way they have incorporated song names in to the recipe names and the book itself, so clever. I wouldn’t mind trying out a few of those recipes myself!

    1. My OH says it’s like a bus with my baking. Don’t see anything for ages, then loads come at once! And usually happens at the same time as his mum baking and sister in law, so we end up with cakes coming out our ears! I also love the large photos in the book – so much better for recipe books than only sporadic photos.

  4. Cake is my favourite treat. I love it. Im so glad i’m not very good at baking otherwise I would be baking it all the time. Looks like a great cookbook though

  5. That is an inspired theme for a cookbook isn’t it? Your bakes look delicious, the blondies in particular look mouthwatering.

  6. The pictures are fantastic and the food you have cooked looks amazing. I love baking and cooking however with 2 kids I hardly ever have time to do it for pleasure mainly its just for tea I cook.

    1. Only way to do it is get the kids involved. Either they’ll love it and want to take over, or like N will just do the mixing, then get bored and wander off until it’s tasting time.

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