mix of macarons

Project 365 2017 week 38

This week’s Project 365 is going to be a quick one.  I’ve been at Blog on Xmas conference this weekend, so I’m behind with my usual posts.  It was nice to talk blogging for most of the weekend, although I missed seeing N. And there’ll be more of the same next weekend. Damn those conferences coming in consecutive weeks.

Here’s the Project 365 photos for this week.

On Saturday/Sunday evening I was dancing in Buckingham.  This was early on Sunday just before I left. I love travelling round to different venues – so many more dances and experiences than just staying in one place.

dancing in Buckingham

On Monday I didn’t take any picture until I got him from work. N’s usually at the farm after work so I get to head over and check out the virginia creeper which is just starting to turn red now.

virginia creeper and clematis

On Tuesday N was excited to finish off his milkshakes. He goes through phases of loving certain foods and drink, but then forgets he’s got some in the fridge. It’s then a massive surprise again when he discovers he still has some left.

opening milkshakes

On Wednesday I found the dog waiting for me outside the kitchen door at the farm. She does sometimes creep in – she’s taken over my father in law’s dog which died earlier in the year, in being let into their house. She likes it because it means no sharing a kennel with a puppy.

black labrador sitting inside waiting

On Thursday I spotted the first decent sunset in a long time. Roll on autumn for more like this (and gorgeous misty mornings).

sunset over the farm

On Friday I got this pack from M&S – for a bargain better than half price deal. I like macarons, but I’ve decided I’m not really as keen on them as I think I am. So maybe not buying them in future would be a good thing.

mix of macarons

On Saturday, I headed up to Manchester for the Blog on Xmas conference on the Sunday. We were staying in Hotel Football, and this was the contents of he free mini bar.  My favourite crisps of my youth – pickled onion Space Raiders. Although neither me or my room buddy fancied the Vimto.

sweets and drinks in mini bar at a hotel

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. Thanks for identifying the creeper, there’s one in the car park near me and i wondered what it was called. The free bar looks good, i would have scoffed it all

  2. Fair play to you for doing two consecutive weeks of blogging conferences! Sadly I’m not doing any this year as the timing doesn’t work for me! I don’t actually like the look of the fridge contents! I might have managed the Curly Wurly. Lovely photo of the sunrise.

    1. It’s going to be hard. I felt quite rough at work yesterday – staying up late didn’t help and had a headache, presumably lower water intake over the weekend. I only like the space raiders and curly wurly too. But it’s nice to have something a bit more interesting that’s free

  3. I hope you had a great time at BlogOn.
    The dancing sounds like a lot of fun….
    I think macarons look pretty but I’m not a fan of them….Eek!
    That mini bar is fab. I think I would have claimed the curly wurly. hehehe x

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