snowdrops at Mottisfont

Project 365 2017 week 7 – half term fun

It’s onto week 7 of this year’s Project 365 and half term for us. N and I went away for a few days, so there were plentiful photos to choose from. I may have taken 600+ photos across my phone and camera. Oh and not forgetting my GoPro videos (and accidental photos on there!).  They’re all downloaded to my laptop, organised and sorted out, weeding out the rubbish shots, and now just to tag them as I edit for blog posts.

On Sunday, we headed off to the New Forest for our break. Even though it was only a 2 hour journey, we stopped off on the way because we knew we wouldn’t be able to check in for a while.  You can’t beat a hot chocolate, although I always have to ask for them in a cup because I dislike the glasses they usually use.

Costa hot chocolate

On Monday we went to Paultons Park for the first time because N really wanted to go to Peppa Pig World.  Hampshire’s half term was a week later so apart from preschoolers the park was pretty empty. And it was a beautifully sunny day to go as well.

Paultons Park entrance map

On Tuesday we went to Beaulieu Motor Museum. I’ve been a couple of times before. N isn’t really into cars, and on entering a museum I’m never sure what he’ll make of it. But he enjoyed the day – there’s always some questions he can ask for me to answer.  N loved the World of Top Gear area even though he’d never watched the programme before.

Top Gear space shuttle car

On Wednesday we headed home after a morning detouring to National Trust Mottisfont. I wish we’d stayed for another day, although our last day tipped it down with rain.   We did see our first snowdrops of the year.  There haven’t been many near us.

snowdrops at Mottisfont

On Friday, N decorated his 1 smooth pebble he’d I’d picked up at the beach.

heart rock design

On Friday, N and I went swimming. We’d not been able to get to a pool on holiday – having different half terms meant the pools were still on their usually school and lanes swimming timetable. I was determined to get N to try to swim a width unaided. He’s the only one in his class unable to do so, and younger children in the level below him managed to do theirs last week on front and back.

Finally N managed it. A whole width of the pool (it was hard work).  He also tried on his back but he just sinks. He can’t do a star float unaided, and he can’t grasp the keeping his tummy to the ceiling. I think it’s going to be a long time before he can do backstroke.  Fingers crossed he doesn’t get too left behind.  I might have a word with the teachers at the pool and ask about a few private lessons to see if they can give him some tips and get him on his back and floating. He’s got a good kick and body position when he’s got a swim belt (with only 2 bars) on, so once he can float, that should be him off and swimming properly.

I’ve not seen too many sunsets recently, but this one was pretty good.

landscape sunrse

On Saturday, N and I met up with Mary and Monkey from Over 40 and a mum to one for a walk round Stowe Gardens.  I think it was the first time we’d ever been to Stowe with it so misty and hazy. No beautiful clear reflection photos, but we had a lovely time catching up. And the boys got on really well, chasing around, making up stories and being creative.  It was nice to finally get out for the day – the first time we’ve really been ‘out’ for the day since just after Christmas.  Roll on Spring for more days out opportunities.

templates across the lake at Stowe
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  1. The snow drops are out here as well, always look so pretty.
    Glad the weather did not put you off your day out to Stowe.
    I probably have 6000+ photos on my computer needing sorted.

    1. Thankfully Stowe was good weather (well dry). I generally do order my photos, but I’ve got a lot to get rid of, need to tag everything, and need to sort out photo books and back ups.

  2. i really must sit and sort my photos out for this year, they’ve sitting on various sim card, phone and folders, sounds like you had a good day with mary, i really miss days out with friends. Hope N gets the floating sorted out.

    1. Photos take so long to organise don’t they. I’ve tried to do photobooks each year, but keep missing my voucher deadlines because they take so long to choose the photos and then upload. Must do them though.

  3. Looks like a great week, lovely that whilst away
    the schools weren’t on half term meaning less busy at peppa pig. Well done to N on the width xx

  4. It sounds like you had a lovely few days away. It must have been nice to meet up with Mary and Monkey too.
    Well done to N on mastering his width! It’s funny how all kids are different – my daughter is best on her back! It always seems like the easiest stroke as there’s no breathing to master.

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