365 photo a day

365 Photo a Day Project – week 1

I’ve never done 365 before so, am trying to see how I go with this.  On working days I find it hard to get photos, so while I’d like to track what N gets up to each day, there’s likely to be some other random photos as well until the weather improves and we can get more done outside the house.

365 photo a day

So days 1-4 January are:

  • 1st – New Year’s day friends celebration
  • 2nd – 1st day back at walk and glorious winter weather to go for a lunchtime walk in
  • 3rd – N’s quite partial to watching and rocking to AC/DC dvds. Pitch black room, meant no photos of N, just what he was rocking to!
  • 4th – a wet morning spent in Banbury old town
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    1. Thanks. I think I’ll be panicking at the end of each week and trawling through my instagram photos for my one a day! Could be a lot of food here too.

  1. The New Year’s celebrations look fun and games! I wouldn’t worry about not having the most amazing photos on a work day, my Wednesdays normally are composed of a sleeping Boy.

    Thanks for linking to Project365.

    1. Sleeping boy photos might be evident here too

      It’s great when our friends can get together with the kids, as usually it’s evening meals out. Saves on babysitters too!

  2. don’t worry about what photos you take, it’s like taking a journal. it’s great to look back on throughout the year x

    1. Good point. I used to love reading my old diaries from my teenage years…mostly comprising not very much until it was a Saturday when I could go to music school and gawp at the guy who played percussion in the orchestra!

  3. I’m new to 365 too and I’m also pretty sure that there will be plenty of random pictures in my posts. Great pictures to start the project 🙂

  4. the NYE photo looks like a lot of fun among the younger ones and N is dressed well for the wet weather but does not look too happy about being out in it! x

  5. I’m not sure how I’m going to go with work days stuck in school for ten hours!? Will have to think before and after. Will this sogginess ever end?!

    1. Definitely. Must be all in the planning. Thankfully if it’s not raining (and I suppose if it is), I can get out at lunchtimes. Otherwise I’ll be taking pics of my car and the shoddy parking near work!

    1. Thanks. I was pleased with the mixture this week. Not sure the sky one was the best shot from town, but I decided to snap it during my lunchbreak before I forgot!

  6. Good to hear about someone else taking photos on working days – I’m a newbie to 365 and I’ll be doing the same from next week. Love that first photo, just adorable 🙂

    1. Phew. It’s always good to know there’s others in the same boat.
      Enjoy it and good luck with the challenge (photos and being back at work after Christmas!)

    1. It’s not often they can get together as mostly it’s us adults who go out together. But it’s nice having a new year’s day tradition.

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