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Book review: The Carrot Cake Catastrophe

The latest book we received from Parragon Books is the Carrot Cake Catastrophe.  N’s always keen on anything to do with food, so although it takes him a while to accept new books, as soon as he realised this was about cakes, he was happy to give it a go.

Carrot Cake Catastrophe

A rabbit and her Grandfather decide to make a special carrot cake, but things go disastrously wrong due to some eyesight problems.  N enjoyed spotting the ingredients, and copying what I was saying.  As for the outcome of the book, he was beside himself telling me what was on the page.

Parragon book buddy

As I’ve said before with Parragon books, the illustrations are lovely, and really bring the story to life.  The words are interwoven within the page instead of just being along the bottom or top, and this makes picture books more enjoyable to read.  Although then harder to read upside down when N tells me to sit in a certain place and hold the book just so, so he can look at the page.

toddler reading books

‘Move hands off the book mummy’ is a favourite refrain as he pulls my fingers away from covering the pictures.

The Carrot Cake Catastrophe is written by Elizabeth Dale and illustrated by Gemma Raynor.


Disclosure: We received the book to enjoy and review as one of the Parragon Books book buddies.  It can be bought from Amazon now.

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