morning sunrise in December

Project 365 2017 week 51 – the penultimate

The last few weeks of the year are rushing by as usual.  N finished school on Tuesday for the Christmas holidays, and I finished work the same day, so we’ve been doing lots this week. Next week will be back to not doing much and having a bit more of a relax (and for me to get my tax return sorted out!).

Here’s week 51 of Project 365 for this year.

On Sunday we didn’t get up to much. A bit of food shopping in the morning, then N wanted to go down the yard to go out with his dad.

walking on the farm

On Monday, this was the sunrise as I was dropping N at morning club at school. We’d had to rush to the nearest shop first thing to get some squash for his class party. We always get the boring one to bring in down to surname allocations. Annoyingly the shop wasn’t open as early as I’d expecged, so there were 3 of us standing outside waitin for it to open.

morning sunrise in December

On Tuesday I worked from home. I had to use up some flexitime at the start and end of the day, so was able to relax at the open morning where we get to go in to class and look at our child’s books. Then I was also able to pick N up from school, do a bit more work before heading off to Blenheim Palace for the Christmas light display. We’d been last year so I was hoping that there would be enough different, and it pretty much all was. It was really enjoyable, if a little muddy underfoot. Despite the wellies and walking boots we were pretty mucky afterwards.

Elves worshop at Blenheim Palace

On Wednesday, N had been invited to a party of one of the boys in his year. It was a junior tubing party at the Snowdome in Tamworth and the children loved it. N might not be a fan of a normal slide, but blimey he wasn’t worried about whirling round and round down the fast slope of snow. They all looked so cute in their helmets, and all stood, listened and watched the safety video avidly. The tobogganing looked amazing too, but at the moment N’s too young to go alone, so we’d have to ride together. It’s definitely worth a look if you’re near enough.

On Thursday it was panto day. Last year the panto we went to was more like a play.  But this year we saw Sleeping Beauty at a local small theatre.  I mucked up our timings, although with the parking an absolute nightmare, it did make sense getting there early.  The milkshake shop I’d offered to take N to was shut, so we ended up in a deli cafe which turned out not to be great. I had an extremely burnt toastie, and they didn’t even apologise about it or offer to remake it. Plus £4.95 for 2 slices of normal bread, cranberry sauce and brie was an extortionate price. N’s baguette was much better value. Being early did mean we took a leisurely walk down a back street and spotted some beautiful wreaths on pretty cottage doors.

front door complete with niche

On Friday Mary from Over 40 and a mum to one and Monkey came over and we headed to Charlecote Park National Trust property. The boys get on really well – a love of the outdoors and tractors helps – despite the year age gap, and it gave us chance to have a catch up. As well as admiring the 12 days of Christmas styling in the house, we did a lot more walking than we usually do.

standing in an alcove at Charlcote park

On Saturday I had to finish off some food shopping and christmas shopping, but N decided he was coming with me. It took longer than normal, plus he wanted to go to the park.  It makes a change that he wants to sped time with me rather than on the farm.  I’m sure that will change again.

scooting over the bridge
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  1. Typical they want to come with you when you could do without it
    Nice to meet up with Mary and Monkey. Great picture of him disappearing over the bridge
    Expensive toast even if it was not burnt. Great looking cottage door, I love cute places like that

  2. Sounds like a lovely week. Glad N enjoyed his time at the Snowdome so much and it must have been nice that he chose to spend time with you rather than on the farm with his dad. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

  3. grrrr to the burnt sarnie, it really annoys me with the quality of food and the prices in the UK, I can’t believe how much it costs to eat out now over there. Glad you had a lovely meet up with Mary and the boys.

    1. It’s funny because I always think of N as quite risk averse – he has to look and check before hand before doing something. But the tubing he didn’t even question it.

    1. It was really good fun. I think some of them would have liked to have gone to the full height, but all of them did it even the ones who had been worried about it.

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