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Project 52 2024 week 15

It’s week 15 of Project 52, and the first week back to school, and work after Easter. Back to early starts is a bit of a killer, but not as bad as I’d anticipated. Anyway, onto the week’s goings on.

Sunday – a relaxing day. I had a bit of a headache, so needed to take things easy. I wanted to get an early night but it wasn’t particularly. I just get caught up in all the tv shows and films there are to catch up on.

Monday – the early alarm for bus stop drop off was harsh, especially given the detours. I had my INR appointment – should be a 4 minute drive straight up to the village but that’s now the road that’s shut, so it was a 10 minute journey all the way out and round to the main road. I followed one of the workmen’s vans the same route around too. Then reverse again, and the same again for pick up after school. It’s going to be a long few weeks of doing that again, possibly until mid June, although I think at the rate they’re going they’ll hopefully be done by then.  Work was busy, but I’ve read all my emails, and only a couple still to action.

Tuesday – felt very headachy most of today. It’s always when I feel the heating from the rest of the house when waking. My room is nice and cool. But the rest of the house feels like a sauna in the mornings to me. Just a busy day of work for me, and school for N. With first homework of the summer.

Wednesday – busy day again at work. Was very productive because I got a beef stew in the slow cooker before work, and also used up some old brown bananas to make some banana and chocolate chip muffins. Turns out they went down well with N. Back outdoors for football training and it’s busy there now with other teams also out for practice now it’s lighter evenings.

Thursday – had to go out at lunchtime to get more breadrolls because someone had taken 1 from the pack in the freezer but not closed up the pack in another bag, so they had freezer burn. Crumbly bread. Sigh. Did manage to drop off a Vinted parcel too though. 

Friday – a short working day and a warmer one, no coats needed. After work we needed to nip into town to take some returns back, then get some petrol. The prices at the moment are all over the place – even the supermarkets aren’t price comparing. Luckily I chose the cheapest place in town by fluke. The evening N had the first summer tennis session. Yay to not having to put the floodlights on at all. 

Saturday – early start for a football match, an hour away. The boys drew, they did have more chances, so it was a shame they couldn’t convert them. We’d given a lift to one of his team mates. N’s friends are always so quiet in the car. I never thought I was that scary. But N made up for it.

On the way home we dropped off some clothes to be recycled at the tip and had a cheeky McDonalds for lunch. It seems lots of the team stop off on the way home for fast food and we often see other team players going too. It turned out to be quite  a nice day too – dry and quite sunny and warm outside.

white blossoms close up macro image

No new posts this week! I was too lazy and updating an old Olympics post which seems to be taking forever.

Things I’m grateful for:

  • Vinted sales still dribbling through
  • N cleaning out his bedroom, and vacuuming
  • Pork steaks done in the air fryer, and compliments from N on them and the sauce I made.

Things I’ve enjoyed this week:

  • a nice sunny day for football (match, and training was dry as well)
  • I read a couple of really good books this week, both with nice happy endings
  • I had some nice feedback from a work colleague

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  1. We keep having random roadworks round by us, no alternative routes, just lots of waiting at red lights and impatient cars queue jumping not realising why we’re all sitting in a queue. I’ve not done any banking for ages, the muffins sound delicious.

  2. I always do that, plan on an early night and then end up watching something on TV.
    All the detours sound annoying, hopefully they will be finished soon.
    I have bananas to use up and I am planning on making muffins. x

  3. I hate roadworks, we are due some by the school but thankfully they have scheduled them to start in the last week of school so minimum disruption! There has been some nice weather this week.