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Genetic inheritance – children and parents

I find it really interesting seeing which parts of myself and his dad that N has inherited.

It always amazes me when people say they can see either parent in a baby.  To me, it’s a really hard thing to spot, although I have to say within our NCT group and with other friends’ babies, there are some very obviously ‘mini mes’.  Or there were, as some have grown to be more like the other parent.

To me, N didn’t (and still doesn’t) really look like either of us in totality.  Probably a relief for him really.

He started out with blue eyes, although they’re now slightly less blue, slightly more erring towards the green of my eyes.  But definitely not the same blue as his dad.

There’s been occasions where we’ve spotted a look or an expression that could be a family gene.  So my maternal family’s ‘mouth’ at times, or a side look which catches the look of his cousins.  Seems madness, but once you start to look you spot things that seem ridiculous but then other people mention them too.

When N was born, everyone said he looked more like me (so much for babies supposedly looking more like their dads as newborns to help with bonding, before changing), although I couldn’t see it.  Generally I still get told that although I can’t see it at all.

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Personality wise, it’s a lot more obvious where he gets some of his traits from.

From his dad, it’s all a about being outside, enjoying the farm (although what children wouldn’t like that given half the chance?!), and rock.  In fact, he’s really turning into his dad now.  The other day they were ‘rocking’ in the living room, N dancing round and playing his guitar along to his dad’s AC/DC Live at the Plate dvd in the dark.  I turn the lights on (because I like to see and multitask while the tv is on) and the protests from N were immense.  Ok, turning into the OH now.  He always likes to sit in the dark too.

toy guitar

Quite a few of his other interests are me.  Music in general – he’s quite good at tapping along with a beat and really likes to listen to himself when he’s playing on the piano.  He loves to dance – although obviously his dancing involves a lot of jumping (heavily), some spinning, and a bit of bottom wiggling (the latter having been taught by his dad!).  He loves books and goes through quite a lot.  N doesn’t just like one book at a time, there has to be several looked at in one sitting.

Bizarrely for children and a male, he seems to quite like shopping.  Well, food shopping anyway.  He is a big eater so maybe that’s why, but as long as he has a trolley or basket to hold or push he’s happy.  Even in clothes shops, if there’s rails to hide in, or window displays to try and get into , he’s there like a shot.  Real pain trying to keep up with him although thankfully, he does usually come if called, otherwise I’d have a real nightmare keeping him under control.

The one thing that must just be a child’s trait as it doesn’t really come from either of us, is his willingness to try anything.  It’s quite unusual for him not to get involved and have a go when it’s suggested at nursery, and I love that about him.  It’s definitely not something that either of us are keen on (the OH especially when it comes to games – board or console!), so I’d love to encourage that as he gets older.

Who are your children like?  What are the personality traits that they’ve inherited from you?

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  1. He sounds like a very cute little rockstar in the making, especially with his guitar 🙂 Z is apparently a lot like me in personality (although the OH likes to protest he’s like him) but I’m sure he gets his stubbornness from his dad. It’s sometimes like trying to persuade two little boys to do something!

    1. I think dads feel they have to compete with what their sons learn and how they are like them sometimes. I know mine tries to teach him things (not always that polite) to wind me up and get him on side. Does make me laugh those when the OH asks N who’s the best hoping he’ll say him, and he answers ‘mum’! Very satisfying when it’s not prompted.

      Definitely when boys club together it’s better to leave them to it!

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