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The tooth fairy cometh – first wobbly tooth

It’s another big first moment. Yes, N has his first wobbly tooth.

It crept up on me.  I know several other 5 year olds who’ve recently lost their first, but thought we’d be waiting a bit longer.  But no, he woke on Monday morning telling me proudly that his tooth was wobbly.

I think he was a little confused about how it’s still wobbly 2 days later.  He was obviously imagining a brief wobble and then it falling out immediately after that.

After he got over the surprise of still having the tooth 2 days later, and moaning about how it’s hard when I brush his teeth to not hurt it, he’s taken over brushing over that tooth only!  And the questions about the tooth fairy have started.

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Now I know some parents don’t like the idea of the tooth fairy ‘lies’ but hey, a little bit of magic didn’t do us any harm.  So I’ve been enjoying making up what I imagine the tooth fairy to be like.  Maybe I should have made her a him, or an ugly tooth fairy without any teeth of her own, but I decided to go for the stereotype. Because it’ll be a lot easier for him to deal with when talking to other children about it.

‘How big is the tooth fairy?’

‘I’m not sure.  Small’

‘This big’ cue him crouching on the floor.

‘Smaller than that’  a smaller ball of N on the floor.

‘More like Grandpa in your pocket size’

‘Ah small, like when he puts his shrinking hat on. DAD, the tooth fairy’s small like this size’ hand sizing ‘like Grandpa in your pocket’.

I love how he needs to relate sizes to things to understand the difference between big and small.

Later on, it’s obviously been preying on his mind.

‘If the tooth fairy is small, are there lots of them to help out?’

‘I’m sure she’s got some helpers yes’.

The next day

‘How does she know you’ve got a wobbly tooth and when it’s fallen out?’


That magic’s got a lot to answer for.

How old were your kids when they lost their first tooth?  More importantly what’s the going rate for a first tooth?

tooth fairy cometh a first wobbly tooth - bubbablue and me
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  1. Mine were about 6 or 7 when they had their first wobbly tooth! Our tooth fairy is very generous she leaves one shiny golden pound coin for every tooth. I’m sure I used to get 10p when I was little?! Inflation! Ha!

    1. Yep, it’s been a pound here. And I think mine was 10 or 20p. But when I had 2 pulled out to make room for a brace etc, I got £2

  2. I can’t remember the name of the film but the Tooth Fairy and Father Christmas were both in it – and the tooth fairy was male – Teeth are an expensive business for the tooth fairy!!!

    1. Well, I didn’t know about that one. Interesting twist. I know what you mean about expensive…gone are the days of my youth when it was 10 and 20p a tooth!

      1. I have tried to find the fiml I mentioned but using Google I can’t find it. Besides the Tooth Fairy and Father Xmas, the Easter Bunny was also in it – if you get a comment saying the film, please let me knoe – I found it well made and very funny – xx

  3. J lost his first tooth a few months ago (age 6). He got a £2 coin inside a fluffy tsum tsum Mickey pencil case. Bless !!!! How much is your tooth fairies going rate?

  4. Ahh! Such an exciting time…
    My girls were both about 5 or 6 when they both got their first wobbly teeth.
    They both got a £2 coin for their first tooth then £1 for every other….

    1. That sounds about reasonable. There’s another boy with a wobbly tooth in his class – I might have to discuss how much their tooth fairy will be bringing to ensure ours isn’t too tight!

    1. I know, amazing. Quite a few of my babycentre birth board friends’ kids have lost their first, but in N’s class there’s him and another boy both with wobbly teeth. Seems so soon but I guess I lost my first at 5yo too.

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