cycle and spring walk in the park - Bubbablue and me

A spring walk to enjoy blossom in the park

It’s felt like April’s whizzed by, but on the other hand the weather’s been all over the place so it’s hard to believe we’re nearly in May.  Every weekend N asks to go on a bike ride or to go to the park so last weekend I agreed that we’d load the bike in the car and go to the park in town.

Usually we’re at the park early mornings when it’s empty, but this time we were there after lunch so it was a little busier with children on bikes and scooters.  The park’s split off for cyclists and walkers and it’s mostly flat, so it’s great for children learning to ride bikes.

cycling at Spiceball park

N was off straight away, while I’d decided not to take my scooter so I could take plenty of photos.  The sky was pale grey, and looking like it was going to rain at any moment, so my photos haven’t been as pretty as having a blue sky, but it’s interesting to see how the blossom fares and how the look of the park changes in the gloomier weather.

cycling off road in Spiceball park
pretty white flowers

If I’d been on my scooter I’d not have been the only parent, as a dad went past on one while his boy was cycling (on a very noisy bike with stabilisers) and he commented that I should get a scooter to keep up. I explained I did have one but was walking to get my fitbit steps up and to be able to take photos easier.  Usually I scoot with my camera round my neck and bag over my shoulder so it’s not really the safest way!

cycling uphill in Spiceball park
picking daisies in Spiceball

For the first time N managed to cycle up every steep slope on the path, usually he has to walk up them because his legs aren’t strong enough.  Since the start of the year, the extra 5cm he’s grown, the occasional cycling, and probably the sport he’s done at school, have really helped make his legs stronger.  It’s also been noticeable at swimming.

We did go a bit off piste around the various fields rather than our short cut route, then turned back before the heavens opened.

cycling downhill in spiceball park by Banbury canal
taking a cycling break
bluebells in Spiceball park
black and white bridge in Spiceball Park

Detouring on the way back meant we spotted a few bluebells.  Not enough to see a sea of blue but just a few tiny patches for photographing the delicate flowers.  Last year we travelled to Badbury Clump to see a mass of them, but this year I wanted to find some closer.  I think we’ll still need to travel around 40 minutes though.

Have you been out and about on a spring walk?  Do you have bluebell woods near you?

cycle and spring walk in the park - Bubbablue and me
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  1. What a great park! We have a couple near us like this, nice and flat and good sightlines! Perfect for the kids to head off on their bikes. We haven’t been out on the bikes/scooters for a while, really must get them out now that the weather is finally picking up 🙂

    1. Yes, it’s always a bit of an effort to get them out for us, because it means loading them into the car and driving somewhere to use them. We were going to cycle to a party the other day round the corner from us, but I’d promised to drop N’s friend home afterwards so we needed the car. N almost refused to go because he just had ‘to go on my bike’

  2. Looks like a lovely park. My husband now has a scooter, so I fancy it a go with the kids I just take that, I think it is becoming more popular for adults. Its great N is finding it easier to get up slopes now. The park is always good fun.

  3. We have been doing a lot of biking too lately and I am learning how to scooter using my son’s. Pays that I am small and with just a fe wadjustment with his handlebars I can already use it haha.

    This looks like a nice trip! Nature is really pretty whatever the weather =)


  4. What a great park for N to wiz around on his bike. If looks very safe there with gentle slopes that are manageable. Well done to N for conquering those slopes, I’m sure the extra cms has made all the difference and a little more boy strength kicking in. Gorgeous bluebell photo, I can’t get enough of them on the farm at the moment, they are so pretty. Thank you for sharing your afternoon with me on #CountryKids.

    1. It is a nice park, although I do get a bit bored of it because it’s not that big. But there’s lots of variation there being alongside the canal, and there’s a nature reserve pond too.

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