Christmas party shepherd

It’s Christmas…party

Today was our NCT group’s Christmas party for this year.  We decided to do morning rather than afternoon as most of the toddlers sleep after lunch which means afternoons are a nightmare for timings of getting together.  We decided to do Secret Santa again as it always seems to go down well.

Costumes were decided upon (thank you supermarkets and their offers on clothing!); I’d let him choose between king and shepherd outfit.  Think he wanted the shepherd one for the crook (although he used it mainly as a walking stick), and to be like Uncle ‘Renry’ looking after sheep.  Again we had a great mix of costumes, ranging from a star, ‘miss christmas’, right through to an ingenious ‘gift bag’ and hat snowman costume.

We did the usual, everyone bring along food, with the intention that the kids would eat early, then the adults eat after.  As I wanted N to have proper hot food to save cooking in the evening, I managed to baggsy (sp.) the spare high chair and cleared a space for him.  Of course, N was happy as he was sitting by the food, and could see what everyone else was choosing. It did mean that I did get a lot of ‘more’ and his plate pushed forward towards more food.

Special food mentions had to go to the gingerbread house made by one of the girls, my Pinterest stolen chocolate marshmallow Rudolfs, and the popcorn maker went down a treat (with the adults, rather than the kids)

It’s so nice to see the kids playing alongside (if not with) each other.  It’s really noticeable the ones who play together, and two of the girls have amazing speech…one was saying “x is my favourite”.  The most complicated word N says is probably elephant and even that’s probably not clear to anyone other than me.

N wasn’t really that fussed about picking or opening his secret santa gift.  This year rather than drawing out a name, we’d just allocated girl or boy presents.  I’d had ideas for quite a few of the specific children, so had had to change to a more generic idea, but was really pleased in the end.  Thanks to some mega offers at ELC I managed to get lots for my money (wish I’d got both of the main gifts for N rather than just the one now) as well as a really cute set of hair clips a different friend had made).  The presents seemed to go down well – serious theme of baking presents for the girls (think N would have enjoyed those too!).  Am sure he’ll love the paint goodies that he got.

I was astounded that he stayed in his shepherd’s costume all morning.  Obviously not worried about wearing a ‘dress’ – although he had to find a way of getting onto a ride on toy when the skirt part was in the way.  I’m hoping that as it’s an age 3-5 it’ll last for at least another year!

Enjoying the Christmas party...shame I didn't get a photo of him with his hat and crook.
Enjoying the Christmas party…shame I didn’t get a photo of him with his hat and crook.
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  1. I hope you have just a good a Christmas this year. Does the outfit still fit? I’ve got some from when my 10 year old was little lol. I think I’m stealing the marshmallow ruldolfs too – fantastic idea.

    1. Definitely hoping it fits still. It was age 3-5, so should last a couple of years still. Not sure where the crook’s gone though.

      The reindeer were so simple – can’t claim the idea as being mine though – Pinterest special if I recall!

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