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N’s not really a fan of the television.  Well, he doesn’t seem that fussed by it, even though (naughty me) it tends to be on all the time as background noise.  I always mean to put the radio on but the living room radio never seems to get decent signal, wherever I put it, and the tv radio doesn’t have classic fm which is what I’d like to have on during most of the day (I’m only a radio 2 listener during the week, it’s never as good at the weekends whenever I seem to catch it).

We rarely have children’s tv on as he’s never watched more than about a minute of it, so I’m happy to avoid it as let’s face it, when he’s older he may want it on all the time!  And he doesn’t really sit still for enough time to actually watch anything.

However, there are a couple of occasions where he’ll sit still for a bit:

  • Pointless – sitting on Gramp’s knee after tea on Tuesday & Thursdays at the farm.  He likes to sit and chill out for a bit after tea, and Pointless is usually on at the time.
  • Songs of Praise – anything with choirs singing he seems to like, and his head will turn if this comes on
  • Westerns – doesn’t have much choice if dad’s watch one and he wants to sit and chill out with him.

Other than that I’ve not really found much attracts him on tv.  He loves grabbing the remotes and playing with those though.

However, last night I’d recorded the Barenboim BBC Proms concert so decided to put that on for some music.  Well, that was a result.  Not only choirs, but orchestras seem to have the magic touch.  He plopped himself down on the floor, stuck his thumb in his mouth and sat there for ages enthralled in the music.

Hopefully he’ll continue to be interested in music as I’d love him to experience some of the great music things I did when I was growing up.

Engrossed in BBC Proms concert

Do your babies and toddlers love music?

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