double bass at rest at the Paddington's First concert

Music Exploration month 18 – drumming

We’ve been a bit rubbish recently listening to music.  After the Paddington Concert last month, N’s still just been obsessed with rock music, although there’s been some other music floating round.

Here’s what we’ve been doing musically this month.

Listened to

World music.  Unintentionally though.  With a bit of Strictly Come Dancing providing samba and other latin music on occasion, N does seem to turn from what he’s doing to listen and watch anything that sounds out of context.  As well as the bits of Strictly he’s caught, we also had Four to the Bar playing on the radio in the car one day.  In the past, I used to enjoy dancing to them, and it seemed to go down well with N.  Maybe we should try listening to more world music.

Watching and dancing to

Foo Fighters.  Yes N has moved on from ACDC although they are still a favourite.  The Foo Fighters have been added into the mix, and one morning I came downstairs to find him watching Led Zeppelin.

In the evenings it’s always lights off, his toy guitar comes out and N rocks, dancing around the room with the music at full volume.  Nothing like a ‘calm’ pre-bedtime routine.  Thankfully the hyper-ness doesn’t seem to impact his want to go to bed.

My main concern now is that the OH’s hair is a bit overgrown (he finds it a hassle to go to the hairdressers) and he’s threatening to grow his hair long like rock bands.  He suggested it to N as well.  N was wavering, but thankfully in the end, decided that his own hair would need a hair cut after all.  Phew.  Not sure I want a rocker with long hair in the house.


The drums.  Well, a box really.

We have a large box in the living room at the moment and it’s had plenty of uses…den, house, snack place, and drums.  When he’s rocking, he’ll often have a breather, pull his little chair over, find some wooden spoons and thrash out with his ‘drumsticks’.  He’s not bad at keeping in time.

watching and drumming to Foo Fighters

What’s N’s now decided is that he needs to go to his aunt’s house where they’ve got a drum set.  He wants to have a go on those.  If he does decide he wants to play the drums, hopefully I can also steer him into wider percussion as well.  Orchestras are always looking for percussionists so it’s good to keep options open.  At least we don’t live near lots of other people so no-one else would be deafened by practising.

Went to

Watch the Paddington’s First Concert at Warwick Arts Centre.  It was a lovely concert along with lots of musical activities for children beforehand.  It’s noticeable that N prefers fast music, whether it’s classical or rock.

double bass at rest at the Paddington's First concert

What have you been up to musically this month?  If you’ve written about it, do link up below, I’d love to read it.

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  1. Music is so brilliant isn’t it. My son loves dancing every time we make an effort to turn off the TV and turn on the stereo I’m reminded what a brilliant activity it is for us all x

  2. Emma’s school is all about the Christmas panto at the moment and Emma has been practicing her songs every single night for the past week, cute at times, annoying when we are all tired and craving for peace ;-).xx

  3. Really loved reading this music inspired post – music is so important for development and really awesome to hear he has such good taste in music – ACDC, Led Zeppelin YES!

    Laura x

    1. Oddly, my OH always watches Mamma Mia when it’s on tv! I don’t mind it, but not every time it’s on. Makes a change from Jason Statham or war/western movies.

  4. I love this post. It’s so important to encourage our young into music. It’s a great form of expression. I love how you used various ways to do so too. We sing lots and have a music box. Oh and we love dancing. When the girls are older, I can’t wait to take them to the theater. Xx

    1. Dancing’s a great start. It’s not only good for musicality but also fitness, and it’s fun so you don’t feel like you’re doing exercise. One for everyone to join in with

  5. How brilliant that he’s a rocker! We adore rock music and Toby jumps around to it too, he also likes any sort of music to be fair. Bet you breathed a sigh of relief over the haircut choice!xx

  6. It would be really great if I could go and do more stuff with my 3 year old but we are always stuck in the house either because of bad weather or daddy working. I was supposed to bring him to Disney on ice last weekend but couldn’t because of daddy’s work. Hopefully next time.

  7. Aw my son loves Paddington. I am actually giving him a paddington themed birthday party! So cute. Music is so great for their development. x

  8. I love listening to music, as I leave my early 20’s behind I am starting to love classical music more when I need to relax or just collect my thoughts and then my usual RnB, hip hop etc when I am in a party mood lol. Glad to hear N is still enjoying different music

    1. It’s nice to have a good mix. I listen to classical in the kitchen sometimes, but found when younger it was great for revising to (no words!)

  9. That’s so wonderful that your child loves music! It’s a great way to be creative. You have done so much – going to a play is lovely when they are little. The box drum is a fab idea x

  10. I love music and what an array of music you have provided here! My son (6) loves Queen whilst Molly is into Johnny Cash… I was tempted to start a ‘music appreciation’ session a while ago and it looks like you’ve just helped me to finally take the plunge! Thank you! x

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