Potty progress

There’s a distinct ‘toilet’ theme over my last few blog posts about N.  We’ll go with it though.

Previously N’s used the potties in the bathrooms to put his toys on or in.  He’ll occasionally sit on one before having a bath, but literally sits down and gets up again.

Yesterday he grabbed his crotch and my hand, dragging to the cloakroom and saying ‘potty’.  He took his trousers down (struggles to get them off himself) but turned his nose up at the potty.  Instead he pointed to the child toilet seat hanging on the back of the door.

He’s never wanted to sit on that before, but we duly put it on the toilet, brought his little step up, and plonked him on the seat.  He was saying ‘poo’, which I think really means wee with him.  He quite happily sat there for a while.  Nothing happened though.  Then I had to get him down, only for him to want to sit back on.

All in all, it’s great as he obviously isn’t scared of sitting on the toilet seat; although he didn’t   partake in relieving himself, he was happy to sit there and just chatter.

It’s not particularly roomy or comfortable for me sitting on the cloakroom floor though.

Afterwards, we did the whole hand-washing thing which he loves (don’t all toddler like taps and water?), got him dressed again and that was that.

This kind of event is fairly sporadic with N, but it’s great to see he’s starting to understand better what the toilet’s for.  Maybe I need to ask nursery to look out for it, and pop him on the potty at nappy change time.

Although I’m not ready for this kind of stuff, so am hoping it takes some time for him to be properly ready.


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