What’s funny now?

N’s a pretty cheery little boy and always has been.  Lots of smiles does make it easier to work out if he’s a bit off colour.

There’s certain things that are always going to make him laugh:

Daddy coming into a room to surprise him with a ‘roar’.  No wonder he’s learnt to roar like a lion when he sees pictures of lions (note to self, find a children friendly animal documentary to show him)

Tickles.  Enough said really.  Doesn’t every little person like to be tickled?  Or even if they don’t, they don’t seem to try to escape!

Face pulling.  N especially likes it when you relax your bottom lip and ‘blub blub’ your finger over it while making a sound.  He thinks it’s great fun, and now does it himself.  In the middle of a meal probably isn’t the best manners wise, but if it keeps him entertained when he wants a breather, I’m all for it.

Piggy backs and sitting on shoulders.  Before we finished our swimming classes, we’d progressed to N sitting on my back, holding on while I swam along.  It was one of the things he liked about the classes, and now he comes round behind me if I’m sitting on the floor so I can pick him up onto my back and he can horse ride.  The other day I even stood up and he had a proper piggy back, although it’s a little bit hit & miss as to how much he’ll stay holding on so isn’t the most secure.

Singing – well more precisely ‘heads shoulders knees and toes’.  He loves doing the actions – he can only do heads and toes at the moment as the rest of the song would need to go really slowly for him to catch up.  Oh and ears – although he does this when I sing eyes.  They sound a bit similar (mmm, well kind of), so I’ll let him off for now and keep working on the eyes bit!  He always seems to laugh when we do this, but maybe it’s because I look silly doing the actions.

Any odd things your children found funny as toddlers?

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