Hot and cold

N’s got really good at recognising which things round the house are going to be hot and therefore what he shouldn’t touch.  It’s brilliant that it’s just come from saying hot when he’s been around items that could be hot, rather than him actually touching and burning himself.

So, my hair straighteners (he liked to play with the cable, but now he knows he shouldn’t be near them or the hair dryer), the radiators (mainly the one in the bathroom which always seems to come on slightly even when the heating’s supposedly not on!), the Aga and the oven.  He’s really funny as he stands near things, points to them as though he’s going to touch and then says “hot”.

He’s good at standing back from the oven when I need to sort food out, and now the wood burner’s on sometimes, he’s learnt (I’m presuming it’s not from remembering last year) that the fire’s hot and he needs to stand behind the guard when we’re sorting out the fire.  I caught him yesterday sitting on the hearth in front of the guard though, so we’ve obviously got work to do to remind him that usually it’s hot so he can’t sit there when the fire’s on.


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