Blooming temperature again!

And yet again, N has a temperature.

He was fine this morning, ate breakfast, went to my sister-in-law’s as usual with no problems, then on the way home from work (on the journey from hell as there were problems on the motorway which meant I detoured – every possible route seemed rammed of course), I had a message saying he’d been off colour today.  He’d not wanted to play and had just wanted to snuggle with his taggy blanket.

He’d eaten ok, but Granny told me he’d turned down pudding which is unheard of.  By the late time I got there (his Dad was having a work ‘meeting’ with beer and talking with the sileage crew), N was sitting with Granny on the sofa looking very sorry for himself and was burning up.

Half hour later after lots of cuddles, a bit of Nurofen, which thankfully he doesn’t mind taking (hard now that he wants to syringe it in himself), he perked up enough once his Dad had come in to have a bath.  It is like magic medicine how quickly it gets the temperature down, and he went off to bed nicely after a couple of stories and his normal routine.

I’ve got fingers crossed he’s just got a bit of a cold and the high temperature’s it coming out.  Looks like he’ll be at home tomorrow, but of course with no warning my work computer’s at work so I’ll have a 2 hour round trip to pick that up.  With a 2 day warning to do some key work for my customer, tomorrow was going to be a morning of running through it with other people who’ll need some input, but it looks like I’ll be setting up online discussions about it instead and hopefully he’ll want a bit of a sleep at that time!

It’s not great when little children are ill, and horrible when they can’t tell you what’s wrong with them.  N knows all his main body parts, but he’s not at that stage where he can work out what’s hurting, and there’s no way of telling how much something’s hurting.  I do think I jinxed it today though as I was only telling a colleague how he doesn’t usually get ill that frequently.  I might have to take it back, as I feel like there’s been a lot of nursery days he’s missed as well as me having to work from home to look after him.

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