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Cradle cap returns

Cradle cap’s a strange thing.  Either your baby has it or doesn’t, there’s seemingly no reason why.  If they get it badly, it’s obvious you need to try and help solve it whether that be massaging in oil or using special shampoos.  But when it’s not flaky and obvious like the textbook cases you see in magazines or books, then it’s all a bit confusing.

N just had a few dark freckly bits on his head after his initial newborn hair disappeared (and on that, where does newborn hair go to?  You don’t find it places like you find strands of adult hair?).  His small patches weren’t flaky, they didn’t appear to irritate him, and they lessened once his hair started coming back again.  I didn’t really think much of it, didn’t think it was cradle cap as I’d known other babies have the text book cases, where they were advised by their health visitors on how to solve it etc.

But then at baby café one week ( he was probably around 8 months old at that stage), a HV was advising a parent about her daughter’s cradle cap and I happened to mention N’s ‘freckles’.  She didn’t look at it, but instantly turned on me saying it was cradle cap and I should have been using something for it…err, how was I to know, it wasn’t what I had thought cradle cap looked like?!

Anyway, tried some Dentinox shampoo, it seemed to help a bit: I had a good old pick to see if any of it would come off (a little did but it still wasn’t really flaky) .  Eventually it seemed to go as his hair grew more, and I never really noticed it again or checked it, just assuming it had gone.  But after his hair was chopped at the barbers (link to old post), I noticed his ‘freckles’ had come back (or maybe not even gone in the first place).  I didn’t even realise that older toddlers and young children could still get it, presuming that once the hair grew it kind of pushed it out of the way.  Sounds stupid, but you never get told these things.

So we’re back to using Dentinox again.  N usually doesn’t really have shampoo washes in the bath, instead he just has water/bubble bath over his head so he’s not a fan of having to have shampoo again.  But we’ll see how it improves…or I might just leave it as his hair will grow again!

Do you have any advice or proven solutions?

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