Soft toys and role play

N’s always had a few soft toys at the head of his cot.  He mostly uses them as a pillow (despite the fact he now has a proper one), apart from his taggy blanket and Peter Rabbit he was given when he was born which are his comforters.  Even so, he tends to not really be fussed about them as separate toys.

He does have one big bear – named B Bear after the work colleague’s little girl called Bea who the bear was from.  I’ve always called the bear B Bear on the few times he’s wanted to cuddle it or add it to his cot menagerie.  Today after his nap we had to take ‘anket’, ‘pe-er’ and ‘B Bear’ downstairs with us.

They had to be lined up on the sofa (of course, I was told where to put them, he doesn’t do things like that himself), and then he had his drink.  So I suggested that maybe B Bear was thirsty too.  A nod, and try and feed the bear.  Very cute, although he didn’t agree that Peter needed a drink as well.

Giving B Bear a drink

The suggestion that maybe they would like some food from his shopping basket was poo-pooed.  Instead the food was just thrown on the floor.


Food tipping

It’ll be interesting to see whether he’ll continue role playing with his teddies without my prompting now.


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