Toddler communication: grab and drag

Those little fingers have some serious strength in them.  N’s getting pretty good on the communication front whether it be talking or through actions.

In particular he’s a big fan of the grab and drag method which works well for him on the whole. 

This technique involves:

  1. Make a decision about what you want or where you want to go (in particular the fridge for milk or the front door to go outside
  2. Find the adult, grab their hand (finger works well)
  3. Drag said adult to where you want to go.

We’re also now getting verbal communication before or once we arrive at the spot, although it’s not always anything more than jibberish. 

It’s amusing how he chooses the adult though.  I think he’s already working out who’ll actually listen and follow (mum, Gran, Grandma). And who’ll just say yes, but then let him go on his own while he wonders why he’s getting no one following him (dad).

It’s fun watching toddler communication and how it changes over time.

How do you find your toddlers communicate what they want?

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