Teaching toddlers rude words and actions

I was hoping to have some lovely photos to share of N at the fair, but unfortunately he’s been off colour today so the nearest we got to the fair was driving past a couple of rides on the outer part of the fair on the way home from the supermarket.  I was very disappointed as I was sure he would have loved seeing the lights and the rides, plus it would have been great to see if he liked any of them.  But in the mood he’s been in, it would have been a disaster, so we’ll have to wait til next year’s event.

He must have been pretty ill as he didn’t eat much more than half a helping of lunch at nursery, and no pudding.  Unheard of as he usually has 2 helpings of each (and the last time it was today’s menu, he had 3 helpings of main!).  

He’d been a bit weepy and very clingy all afternoon…trying to cook with a 21 month old who wants to permanently be carried is difficult if you’ve not experienced it.  Slight temperature so bit of Nurofen to bring it down and 30 minutes later, you’d have not known he was the same child.

Prior to it, he wanted a banana and he had half a croissant, then most of a satsuma…I thought he probably wouldn’t want normal tea with us as normal but would prefer some snacky food.  But no, 20 minutes after that, he was in the cupboard after the cutlery, getting himself a plate out and wanting normal tea.  He then quite happily tucked into Nigella’s chicken cacciatore, plus asked for more, and then wanted a yoghurt.  An hour on a total high after the food rejuvenated him, and he was happy to get ready for bed.

He had a bit of a hyper when his dad decided to try and teach N crude actions – thrusting and rude words (thankfully, his copying isn’t clear enough for anyone to recognise what he’s trying to say, so let’s hope he forgets). Our son’s going to end up being the one that all the parents tell their kids to not be friends with at the rate he’s being taught awful things.

But for the second night running N’s woken…night one was around 4 hours of moaning/crying, and so far this evening, there’s been one wake up. ┬áLet’s hope calpol helps send him off now and he’ll get to catch up on some of last nights sleep. Then I’ll try and get an out of hours appointment to check if it’s an ear infection as he keeps holding one ear.

Let’s hope he gets over whatever it is quickly, so we can get on with enjoying our week off work & nursery next week.

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