Hair early today, hair later…first barber visit

N seriously needed  a trim having had his last hair cut courtesy of my sister-in-law’s sister back in July!  So I decided I needed to take him to the barber as I couldn’t be bothered to make an appointment, for his first barber visit

Long row of mirrors, lots of male barbers, and lots of men waiting – did I feel out of place?!  Yep.

This was his first haircut by someone he’d never met before so of course wouldn’t sit on his own on the booster chair.  He also cried when they tried to put the cover on me (he’d done the same at my hairdressers – just wouldn’t let them put the robe on me).  So hair everywhere. He also didn’t like the clippers round the ears at first, but got used to that pretty quickly.  It did help that the guy gave him a drumstick and fruit lolly to play with so he had something else to concentrate on (silly mummy forgot to take a book with us).

He looked extremely shorn afterwards…like a proper little boy again instead of overgrown although it’s sad I can’t brush his front bit over to the side anymore.  My purse was lighter as well; I was astounded we got charged adult prices.  I suppose a barber spends the same time on a child as an adult whereas in hairdressers there’s a difference in time and quality so there’s usually a cheaper children’s price.

Shame it’s getting colder now as he’ll have to pop a hat on more frequently and cover up his haircut!

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