Food’s more fun with mum

Says I.

N gets a real mix of food.  At home (and nursery), it’s pretty much all home cooked, with home being more traditional.  The OH isn’t a fan of indian or chinese, or anything other than traditional British with a bit of italian thrown in.  So having him in nursery means he gets different tastes that he wouldn’t at home.

He is a bit funny with some foods that children tend to like.  Pizza – hit and miss.  If out, he’ll have some off someone else’s plate, and he’ll have pizza muffins or on naan bread.  But cook pizza at home (home made or adding toppings to a shop bought one), he’ll not touch.

We usually have fajitas quite a lot, but he’s also not keen on those.  I think he had a ‘hot’ bit of guacamole once which might have put him off, but as he won’t eat dips or condiment sauces, it puts him off.

Occasionally (when OH’s at shoot dinners) we get to make what I want to eat and don’t usually get the chance.  Today we had chinese.  I wasn’t sure whether N would eat it – I made sure he had plenty of chicken and broccoli.  He asked for potato, but still ate the noodles.  It created lots of laughs with him watching me eating noodles, as well as him struggling with them.


It’s like soup.  When I eat soup I want to at least dip my bread, if not drop bits in.  But I get told off for being uncouth by the OH when I dip my bread.  I’d definitely let N dip his bread, as it makes it easier to eat when you’re young.  And spaghetti I’m good at wrapping it round my fork as my mum taught us when we were young, whereas the OH chops it up. I shall be teaching N to wrap it the italian way.

I reckon it’s more fun having food with me.  The OH likes it to be neat and tidy.  I agree to a certain extent, but if you learn to use chopsticks and twist your spaghetti round your fork, it’s great fun and good for dexterity.

As long as N eats nicely the rest of the time and doesn’t throw food around, keeps his mouth shut while chewing etc, I’ll be happy with that.

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