Tractor collection

Tractor toys

As previously said, we’re big fans of tractors in this house.

Well maybe not myself, but definitely N and the OH.  Obvious really given the OH’s a farmer, and being a boy who loves wheels, there’s not much chance of N not becoming obsessed with them.

N loves having rides on the tractor while his dad and uncle are feeding the cattle, and we quite often have to detour when we’re just wandering outside, so he can go and see the tractor.

He’s got the whole remit of tractor toys, from ELC 12m+ tractor and trailers that make sounds (mostly ignored since he’s had access to other more realistic ones) through to a new ride on one that was a birthday present from his Gran & Gramps.  That was an amazing present and he loves sitting on it, putting items in the bucket and tipping the loader up and down. We’ve hidden the trailer out of the way, as when he’s trying to move the vehicle through the house, it makes things hard to manoeuvre past doors.

He’s also got a bargain 10p (broken) tractor which was from a car boot sale (he wouldn’t let go of it), a bargain immaculate tractor and trailer from an NCT sale (£3 looked like new), his good tractor and trailer from Christmas and now a Fastrac for his birthday.

The newer tractors are from Bruder.  They’re great because they’re to scale: it’s amazing how lifelike and detailed they are.  They’re also sturdy enough for him to play with (despite them obviously being for 3+ as most toys are).  They do a range for age 2+;  one present was a loader lorry with a bulldozer/dumper truck on the back.

The OH also approves as they’re like proper tractors and sold in farm equipment suppliers.

The toys I can cope with…but Tractor Ted.  N received a dvd for Christmas, so we now get asked to watch it at least twice a day.  Think we’re going to have to arrange a swap with friends who have copies, otherwise I’m going to go insane having to watch Tractor Ted goes Milking for too long.

Tractor collection
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