Britmums Live! 2013 link up

Hi to those of you I’m hoping to meet at Britmums Live in June.  Scary as I won’t know anyone there (although guess I’ve chatted through blog or twitter to some/many).

So, who am I? (the top one obviously in this photo)

N and me

I’m Emma (yet another one, there’s a lot of us out there).  I’ve been blogging for over 18 months, starting a bit after N was born.  Wish I’d known more about blogging beforehand, as would love to have got into it earlier.  I blog about N who’s just turned 2, and me (OH is occasionally mentioned, but he’s anti social media and the internet in general – unless it’s ebay or ordering game keeping equipment).  Hopefully by June, I’ll have finally lost my baby (and some) weight, then I’ll just need to sort out my wardrobe.

Looking forward to meeting some bloggers in real life.

If you’re also going to Britmums Live 2013, link up over at OutMumbered to check out who else is going.

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