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Trendy Thursday – ready for rain

I had my outfit idea ready for last week’s Trendy Thursday, but it wasn’t on, so I’ve saved it for this week.  As it’s a coat one, it’s definitely applicable this week and probably for a few weeks yet, although N does like to go out without a coat on if he gets the chance.  I’m still usually in my big winter coat.

A few weeks ago I was sorting out his wardrobe, and realised that the coat I’d bought him a while before Christmas in a ‘to grow into’ size, was actually an age 4 rather than 4-5, so would fit him now.  So his lovely cobalt blue coat can be used on the farm now or sold on, and he’s got a similar bright orange one to replace it.

blue Next jacket
From old blue coat
orange next jacket
to new orange jacket

Orange isn’t a colour I’d usually choose, but I do like ‘macs’ in bright colours, and if it’s raining, it’s always good to stand out in the dull weather.  The only problem is that quite often his trouser colour doesn’t quite go.  I always thought most of his trousers were navy blue, but he’s so far clashed wearing the coat with bright blue, burgundy, dark green, and turquoise.  So pretty good going.  Nothing like a bit of block colour going into Spring!

clashing block colours children's fashion

The jacket’s from Next – like last year’s coat, I haven’t seen any others around, which is unusual with a Next piece of clothing, especially in a town which has 2 Next shops.  It’s got a slightly fleecy inside but not too much so is brilliant for inbetween weather like we have at the moment.  The hood’s a decent size and stays up well, and the cuffs have adjustable Velcro bits so they can tighten as needed.

  • Coat – Next
  • Chino trousers (blue and burgundy) – Tu at Sainsbury’s
  • Waterproof blue trousers – Tractor Ted
  • Wellies – Brantano
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  1. Lovely coats! And I’m all in favour of clashing! If you can’t clash when you’re little, when can you do it? I’m forever buying my daughter clothes to grow into for next season, which she then insists on wearing when they’re too big and discarding perfectly good clothes which she has hardly worn! I need to learn from this…

    1. I agree. Kids are a good way to get away with a lot of things that you just wouldn’t as an adult.

      I also buy for next season – but then end up with so much stuff (as well as a couple of duplicates when I’ve not put everything up in order in the wardrobe. Oops

    1. It’s great with colour – orange looks horrendous on me, but N can just about get away with it, so I get to put him in bright colours instead.

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