peppa pig muddy puddle jumbo jet opening

Exploring flying with Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles jumbo jet

Like many all 3 year olds, N is obsessed with Peppa Pig.  I’m not overly keen as I’m not really a big fan of character items, plus having to turn on another of our Peppa Pig recordings every 5 minutes when I’m trying to do things in another room, is a bit of a pain.  However, arguably, the show is at least fairly educational, cramming quite a lot into those 5 minutes.

So, while I don’t choose to buy character clothing or food, the odd book or toy can’t really be turned down.  We had the chance to review the Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles Jumbo Jet from Character…hopefully playing with the toy would mean N wouldn’t want to watch as much of the tv show.

peppa pig jumbo jetN was really excited when the box arrived.  He couldn’t stop looking at all the pictures on the box, and pointing out that it was an aeroplane…and ‘PEPPA PIG’.

Again, Peppa Pig proving educational as we chatted about the air control tower (both my mum and dad has been in Air Traffic Control so I had lots to tell him about that), and whether on our next holiday we would be going by plane.

muddy puddles peppa pig packaging

Then of course we had to look at the other different toys that are available in the range.

Handily there’s no scissors needed to get the jumbo jet out of the box.  I’m a big fan of this new packaging with just a couple of twists through holes, so it was really quick to get out and start playing.

peppa pig muddy puddle jumbo jet opening

Everything’s all in one piece on the jumbo jet with Peppa Pig and 2 suitcases included.  I would have liked to have seen more characters as we don’t own any more, and the plane’s a bit empty without, but if you have a few other characters, they’d be fine to use. N didn’t seem to notice though, so maybe that’s just an adult point of view.

peppa pig muddy puddles jumbo jet

Peppa’s legs move so she can sit in the seats, and the hold opens up so you can stash the luggage away for the flight.  N did find it hard to open the hold himself (mostly I think he’s just lazy as it’s not difficult – just a bit of a squeeze and it pops open).  I thought the hold looked quite small, but both pieces of luggage fit in with no problems.

opening the jumbo jet hold peppa pig

The wheels on the jumbo jet rotate and wheel along, so it’s great for parking up and using it with other vehicles.  N mostly made it fly though, along with his own plane noises.  For parents who hate noisy toys (me!), this one’s perfect as there’s no sound effects.  I think that’s fine because children can explore the toy creating their own sounds to go with their play.

playing with peppa pig muddy puddle jumbo jet

Some plastic toys feel a bit flimsy, or the movable parts fall off, but so far this Peppa Pig toy has lasted through N’s play.  It’s bright and it’s fun.  N’s enjoyed himself creating stories about where Peppa is flying too, and he’s also talked about the toy to his dad.

testing out peppa pig jumbo jet

All in all N’s really enjoyed playing with the Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles jumbo jet.  He doesn’t seem worried that there’s only Peppa included, and hasn’t bothered trying to use any of his other little toy people for other passengers and to me that seems to be the only downside.

You can buy the jumbo jet from Character for £19.99.

Are your children Peppa Pig fans?


Disclosure: We received the Peppa Pig jumbo jet for the purpose of review. All views and words are my own.

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  1. I bet this will be on many Christmas lists this year! Looks fab. Whoever made Peppa Pig has made a fortune, it spans both sexes and all ages. Even my children watch it sometimes!

    1. You’re right I expect. At the weekend we were at a halloween party, and they’d put all the boy’s Peppa Pig toys on a table for the kids to play with. Apart from the remote controlled car that N was obsessed with, the PP toys were what everyone played with all the time we were there.

  2. Full on peppa pig fans here with Charlie in our house. We have a lot of the other peppa play sets which have been fantastic and very robust this is on her christmas list so glad to see N loves it 🙂

    1. The hatch seems better so far than our happyland rocket doors which I’m surprised about. He likes it so that’s a result. The OH doesn’t as it’s yet another toy for him to leave strewn!

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