trying sushi for CSMAClub challenge

A month of firsts – September

People always think that it’s the first year that children really learn lots of interesting skills.  Yes of course they do, but I realised last month, that N had gone through a massive number of firsts that month.  I think it’s just that the firsts and development aren’t always as obvious or exciting.  But that doesn’t mean they’re not important and shouldn’t be celebrated.

[pullquote width=”600″ float=”center”]You only get so many firsts.  Every one is a blessing [/pullquote]

Taylor Swift

When you have a baby you tend to record everything.  Obviously with a blog I tend to talk about the things we do and what he learns in general, but there’s nowhere I record all his firsts like I used to when he was a baby.  So I’ve decided it’s time to change that.  It’s a tad annoying that I’ve only thought of doing this now – isn’t that always the case?

Each month I’m going to record what he gets up to for the first time, and hopefully it’ll help me understand areas that he’s good or less strong at, and help me to help him improve where he might need to.   This month’s firsts covers September (I am a little behind from idea to actually writing my post), and I shall do my October post at the end of the week.  I might even include some family firsts and not just N’s.

In September 2014, N


A starfloat in the pool with no complaints and it lasted longer than a second before flipping back over.  Since then, he’s continued to do them.  Admittedly with support, but he is flipping onto his back into position with no moaning and quite often before I’m ready in the right position to support his back, bottom or head.


Sushi (as did I).  Neither of us liked it, but maybe if it wasn’t Tesco and involved actual fish which he loves, he might have preferred it.  I’m not sure I ever would.

trying sushi for CSMAClub challenge


His first homework from nursery school which was an activity sheet and a phonics book.  Although N loves reading, loves looking at books, and loves the (dull, boring) Biff, Chipper et all books I bought cheaply from The Book People a while back, bringing one home and being encouraged to read it with me and learn some letters, wasn’t acceptable to him.  He’ll quite happily point out all the letters that are in his name and mine (I think he’ll learn to spell Emma and Mummy before his own), trying to get him a prescribed book isn’t easy.

I’m hoping he’ll become more amenable over time.  But given his latest book is still sitting in the folder along with the activity sheet (drawing between the lines type of stuff) from before holiday, I’m not optimistic.


On roller skates.  I bought some of the ones that go over his shoes at the NCT nearly new sale and as soon as he spotted them, they were out of the box and put on.  He even gave it a go without holding on to me, although we’re fairly limited by having gravel on the farm.  He’s happy enough doing carpet, and kitchen although it’s a bit lethal going from carpet to lino without me holding on to him.  Great to see him giving something a go straight away.

first time roller skating - NCT haul

And I started…

The school application process.  Yes, N will start school next year, so it’s a round of school visits, open days, and filling in forms.  Then hoping that no other children move into the village as we’ve worked out we’re currently 10th on the application list (with 15 spaces) presuming the ones with siblings all send their next child to the same school.  And that I don’t hear any more horror stories of parents removing their children from the schools that are ranked Good by Ofsted.

Are you also going through school applications at the moment?  Do you have any tips?

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  1. Oh I absolutely love how you wrote this. Such a great way to go through so many firsts. I am with you on the school process. Buba starts the same time as N too. Nerve racking how to pick the best school I am up and down about my choices. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

    1. I’m pleased I’ve started this now. Hopefully will keep it up. Have also added a linky to October’s so if anyone else does similar we can link up.

  2. What a lovely idea, although I was bad at the baby books, so I suspect my recording will remain haphazard 🙂 I remember the school process in Edinburgh, bit nerve wracking even though we lived across the road from the school! Here it was a blur as we arrived a few weeks before the start of term and just had to hope we got the school nearest us, after that it’s easy because of the sibling thing 🙂 #loudnproud

    1. I think some’s about getting into the habit. I kept a record of lots of bits, but I’ve no idea where the book was as it was pre-blogging. Hopefully this will get me in the habit.

    1. Yep, would tend to agree. That was all that was on offer at the time. And no Yo Sushi’s near us. I don’t even think there’s one in our nearest city.

  3. It sounds like he is thriving Emma! I’m 36 and still can’t master roller skates 😉 We are amidst Biff, Chip and Kipper here too – for the third time round. I could recite them in my sleep. (They do actually get better as the series goes on though. So much so that we get a wee bit too excited when a new one comes home!) xxx #loudnproud

    1. I’ve not been on skates since I was about 15, but think roller blades are probably more the done thing nowadays. Would love to give those a try.

      I’m hoping the books get more interesting once he actually starts reading them and making an attempt to learn the letters and words. At the moment it’s really dull for me spelling out words and blending…and I think he hates hearing books read like that as well.

  4. Hello there, I loved reading this and we have been getting little man to try sushi too! Yes we are going through the process too and going to look at schools and open days-it’s a lot to take in but I found the council had some really good advice. I am just keeping my fingers crossed! x #sharewithme

    1. Our council’s a bit slack, but you’re right, there’s lots of information. It’s just you need to find it. I have friends who didn’t even realise that they had to apply for a place or how or when to do it. The council letters hadn’t been sent, just come via nursery, so those who don’t go to nursery (or read notice boards in doctor’s surgeries) I have no idea how they do it.

  5. We’re doing the school application thing too at the moment and we should get in to the village school but all it takes is for someone with 30 pre-schoolers to move into a house nearer than ours and we’re doomed! – it’s the stuff of nightmare isn’t it!

    1. Same situation as us. And with only 15 people it’s tight. So sad that his best friend is unlikely to get in because they’re in town, and there’s so many siblings ahead of him. Good luck

  6. What a great idea to record everything like this. Love the photo of him on rollersaktes. We have applied for our Primary Schools but there is only really one I want Lucas to go to because it is within walking distance and we don’t have a car, luckily it is a really nice school and he is already at the pre-school there.

    1. I need to change round my 2nd and 3rd choices, but it’s so hard to know. If you’re that close you should be ok so good luck. It’s nice when you have a good school nearby.

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