Keto easter egg attempt

Project 52 2022 week 9

It’s been a pivotal week of this year, and N’s school year this week, so there’s been a lot of focus on that. Otherwise back to school and work after a nice but lazy half term break. A bit of rubbish wet weather, and not much else.

I really need to get thinking about doing things at weekends again rather than just hanging around at home. Although that means filling up with diesel – with prices here now over 154p a litre (up 3p since I filled up a week ago), I don’t think I’ll be able to fill my tank up without hitting the £99 limit! God knows how high costs will end up with the whole unbelievable Russia invasion continuing, and somehow Ukraine standing their ground. Someone needs to take out Putin – it amazes me how much he’s lying to his people, and still trying to take over despite all the sanctions, protests, and businesses now pulling out of Russia.

Anyway, here’s our week 9 of Project 52.

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On Sunday it was a relaxing day. We didn’t really do much. A bit of blogging, a bit of exercise, catching up on some Inventing Anna.

Monday was back to work and school after half term. It was quite a quiet work day, although March is going to be so busy getting everyone up to speed with who’s picking work up off others who’re leaving. N’s tennis was cancelled as his coach was ill. We’re not having much success with Monday sessions. Only 2 done last half term because of Covid with both N and the coach, then injury, and bad weather. Had hoped this half term would be more consistent, but not looking great so far.

On Tuesday, it was secondary school offer day. I had a panic the night before when I looked at the allocations from last year at our catchment/no 2 choice. Then stepped back and realised that we would be fine, and would get catchment even if we didn’t get choice 1 which would also be fine. After midnight I logged on and it was only a couple of minutes afterwards when it showed up that N got his offer for his first choice school. I was very surprised as I’d not expected that with a baby boom year. Now to work out who else got in there, and how we’re going to manage school run as it’s unlikely there’ll be seats on any buses coming via the village. We might have to see if the school can work with us to arrange something if there’s enough of us.

Not much else went on apart from me slogging my way through another book. I’m trying to finish The Holiday* before I watch the tv series. N was pleased because they’re back playing hockey again regularly at school.

Wednesday was a bit of a nightmare work day. Our internet went down in the area for about 5 hours, so the afternoon I did what I could via Teams on my phone, and getting people to send me over files I could check and review, rather than accessing things on the server. It was wet in the afternoon so tennis was cancelled. It’s such a shame the North Oxfordshire tennis centre hadn’t progressed because not having indoor facilities nearby does mean we miss a lot of tennis.

On Thursday I was in the office as a back up in case the wifi was still off. Thankfully it had stayed back on, but because we have to book the day before to go in the office, you can’t do any last minute turning up on the day. It was nice to see those who were in, and feels very safe as everyone is still lateral flow testing beforehand. There weren’t many in, but everytime I’m in I wonder what the office will look like as they’re removing more desks to make more collaborative space. I like being in the office, but it makes me unfit. I didn’t get out at lunchtime as planned, and I do virtually no steps compared with the additional time I have at home. It was also time to clear out my locker to as they’re removing them as well.

For world book day N went in as Andy Murray, just wearing his tennis kit. Nice and easy for children who don’t like dressing up! As I was in the office, the OH picked him up from school after football club, with the dog in tow. I bet she was so excited to see N.

Friday was a quite work day. Finally we had a dry evening so first tennis session in what seems like ages. I had a good chat with one of the other mums.

On Saturday it was a lazy day, with a bit of experimental attempts for Easter treats. We nipped into town so N could spend his World Book Day voucher. He’s still got birthday vouchers to use, and has decided he wants to eat out to use one of them, so we’re planning a trip to Oxford to do that at some point. I moved the spare tv and his xbox back downstairs – I don’t like the tv being upstairs. It’s antisocial, and means he’s got too many screens up there. But all downstairs and he’s back playing down here again. N wasn’t bothered – it means he’s got his desk space back again.

I attempted to make keto Easter egg shells which I wanted to fill with cheesecake mix. The 2 layers of chocolate didn’t join together when they’d set – I needed to let them set in the fridge rather than freezer I think, so only 2 worked. I’m a bit scrap chocolate’d all out now. I’m not really a dark chocolate person, so 90% chocolate is too much for me on its own. I’ll have to try again another time.

Keto easter egg attempt

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  1. It was up to 160p when I filled up today, although I am unleaded. But expect to have the same problem with the £99 cap too. It is a nightmare when the internet goes down isn’t it. Sorry, your chocolate eggs didn’t work out but they look good. I hope you manage to get them to go next time.

  2. I am so pleased to hear your son got into the school that was your first choice. The Holiday book sounds intriguing from the front cover, I might have to order it. Good luck experimenting with the Easter Eggs, I like the sound of them being filled with a cheesecake mix!

  3. Glad N got his first choice!

    The price of diesel is ridiculous! I haven’t been put much since having baby and hubby filled my car up once….. but just started getting out now and was shocked by how much it has gone up.

  4. Glad that N got his offer for his first choice school. Hope you can get something sorted out for the school run. How frustrating to have the internet down for so long and to keep having tennis cancelled because of the weather or illness. Shame the keto Easter egg shells didn’t work out too well – hopefully they’ll work out better next time. #project365

  5. Neither my fella or I drive so the cost of fuel isn’t bothering us but I know my dad has noticed the increase in price. Ugh!
    It is shocking how much Putin is lying to his country.
    That is wonderful news about getting N’s first choice of school. Congratulations!
    That is a great idea about going as Andy Murray for World Book Day. So simple.
    Those Easter egg shells still look good. x

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