playing ball on the trampoline

Red and green – toddler style choice

N’s had a busy day at nursery today, what with sports day, followed by a party lunch in celebration of the leavers going up to school in September.  Then in the afternoon they had a splashfest in one of the nursery children’s paddling pools. He would have been in his element so I’m hoping there were some photos taken of him as I could make the sports day.

So he went to nursery in one set of clothes, would have changed into swim shorts and rash vest for the afternoon, and then come home with the person from nursery who looks after him til we get home.

When I arrived home I found his original clothes and swim wear left on the kitchen table so I had no idea what I was going to find him wearing when he got back from being out with his dad.  He definitely made a statement in what he’d chosen to wear.

Had he put on his spare clothes from his nursery bag?  Nope.  He’d been upstairs and got out the one pair of shorts left in his drawers – bright red chinos.  And a green pyjama top.  Obviously going for the Christmas tree look.

balancing on the garden wall

With the weather being amazing he just wanted to be outside, so spent some time with me watering the flowers and tomatoes (we have 3 fruits appeared, so optimistic we’ll have at least a small crop!)

searching for tomatoes

And then hooning around on the trampoline.

running on the trampoline
wait for the ball
playing ball on the trampoline
kicking ball

Then he added a ball which meant lots of hilarity as he spent most of his bouncing time, falling over!

N’s toddler style today was:

  • Red chino shorts – Tu at Sainsbury’s
  • Green pyjama top – Gap (usually he moans about this set, so he’s obviously changed his mind!)
  • Sandals – Pediped
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  1. Aww, bless. It is lovely when they start choosing their own clothes, even if it isn’t quite what we had in mind. He obviously likes footbal 😉

    1. Thankfully it doesn’t happen often at the moment. He’s usually happy to wear whatever (he’s generally too lazy to choose them himself)

  2. I love the colour combo, it’s great when they start deciding what they want to wear. Trampolines are great fun for children and adults alike, definitely one of the best buys for our family. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

    1. I think he just took what was at the top of the shorts drawer and pj drawer. He can’t reach the t-shirts as they’re hung in the wardrobe. Not sure there was any specific style choice made!

    1. The OH had no idea it was a pj top, and being young I guess they get away with colour clashing!

      It is a huge trampoline isn’t it. 14ft, it was bought for kids to play on for my SILs 40th birthday last year and we’ve had 10 tweens on it playing games. Great for the cousins to all play on, although I’d rather it was on grass than the patio!

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