Boy in coat with ASA stage 1 swimming certificate

Swimming badges and achievements

This week’s swimming class was the last of the year.  After a week off with an ear infection, we were keen to get back to it especially with a 3 week break coming up for Christmas.

The lesson was very much a round-up of the ‘term’ so far.  Our swimming terms never match the school terms, so it’s a bit skew whiff, but it’s good to finish off with a bang.

The toddlers had to show Lynsey the teacher what they could do for each of the core activities.  So being on the woggle, going from front to back, turning around on their own, a safe entry into the water (was really proud of N who did a great entry – surprising as they’ve not been learning it for long), jumping in (N loves jumping so that wasn’t a problem), swimming on their front with the woggle on their own, swimming on their back with the woggle, and a couple of other bits.

It turned out they were being checked off against their first swimming badge…ooh excitement, although N missed getting his because he just hates being on his back, and so wouldn’t swim with the woggle on his own for 5 metres.  Of course, after that, he was happy enough swimming on his back with me supporting him and his head back in the water.  Typical.

The plan is to try and take him over the holidays to practise that, and hopefully first week back he can show what he can really do and get that first badge!  Not essential and not really what swimming at this age is about, but anything that might encourage N to be more consistent and continue to try hard can’t be a bad thing.

We’ve had quite a few weeks off this term for one reason or another, so hopefully we’ll have a smoother run of lessons next term, and so see N gaining more confidence at activities he’s not so keen on!

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